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                                           (Pictured: Judge Edith Jones)

Judge Claims Blacks and Hispanics are More Violent

June 6, 2013
By Yolanda Spivey

A New Orleans judge who sits on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is being accused of violating the code of conduct for federal judges for some harsh comments she has made against Blacks and Hispanics.

This past February, Judge Edith Jones gave a lecture at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law where she made quite a few offensive and biased remarks stating, “Minorities are responsible for more violent crimes than whites.” She allegedly said that any death row inmate that claimed that racism, arbitrariness or mental retardation affected their prosecutions were merely, “red herrings.” She also allegedly stated that the “death sentence provides a public service by allowing an inmate to make peace with God.”

Although the lecture wasn’t recorded, attendees at the lecture were outright disgusted by her statements. When she was asked to explain her comments, she stated that there was “no arguing” that it was a statistical fact that more Blacks and Hispanics were involved in more violent crimes, such as drug trafficking. The lecture host abruptly ended the question and answer portion of the program and Jones became very upset by that.

Veteran Pennsylvania-based death penalty attorney, Marc Bookman attended the lecture. He, along with several other civil rights groups has filed a complaint with the chief judge of the court of appeals in the circuit in which Jones sits. He stated in the declaration written to the courts, “In describing … what Judge Jones said about these cases, I am not able to capture the complete outrage she expressed over the crimes or the disgust she evinced over the defense raised, particularly by the defendants who claimed to be mentally retarded.”

One complaint is being funded entirely by the government of Mexico. They were quite upset by the comments Jones made in regards to the death penalty being outlawed in that country in 2005. She allegedly told the crowd that “the United States provides Mexican citizens more legal protection” than Mexico’s own system of justice. She also was heard stating that “a Mexican inmate would rather be on death row in the United States than in a Mexican prison.”

Jones is a 64 year old Caucasian woman who was appointed to the Fifth Circuit in 1985 by then President Ronald Regan. Under George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush presidencies, she was considered two times as a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

(Story courtesy of Techyville)

Here we go brothers and sisters another white racist judge thinking all blacks are criminals and not just any judge but a federal judge (I specifically omitted the remark made by the federal judge about the Mexicans .. let a Mexican activist deal with that)!

This judge should be brought up before a judical board then removed ASAP!  Now ... what are we to believe happens whenever a black man or black woman comes before this old hag expecting to receive constitutional justice that is fair and equitable under the law???  You got it!  They get stroked! Whether guilty or not!

We are sick and tired of these old relics from days gone by sitting in these high positions of authority sitting high & looking low upon our people able to "legally" interject their own brand of "just-us" based on stereotypical unfounded racist views and opinions! All black people are NOT criminals & NOT all white people are pure and just!  The white man and his woman are some of the most ungodly devils on the face of this planet! All they have EVER done throughout the annals of history is create havoc and destruction!

Naw! Naw! Fuck That! We tired damnnit!  This bitch in the black federal robe gotta go! Get off the bench, go home to your cave and take your 64 years of white racism with you!


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