Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Greetings Greetings & More Greetings!

We are back & wow what a great time we had!  This year's Black Power Convention was a blast!  What a joy to be able to connect & reconnect with all the real live brothers & sisters from around the country, and what an extreme pleasure it was to get the hell outta Sinsinnati for a week! 

Our annual convention was filled with plenty of positive dialog, plenty of networking, plenty of fellowship, plenty of strategizing against the enemy, plenty of new ideas & creative thoughts, plenty of delicious food, plenty of good music, plenty of strong beautiful black men of courage & respectability, and plenty of dedicated black women of conviction & purpose ....

So I guess by now you can gather we had plenty of everythang!

We will be posting more pictures from our annual convention and perhaps even some videos of all of the different events, the speakers, and the award ceremony (courtesy of our beloved brother & this year's convention videographer Bro. Trey X). We also had a lot of relaxing fun in the sun!

We couldn't let it be all work and no pleasure now could we? ;-()

The Black Fist Organization would like to thank everyone who worked long & hard to help us pull this thing together early this year so we could have our convention in the warm weather of summer instead of our usual winter.  We want to also thank all of the hotel workers, all of our black caters, the reception hall managers, waiters & waitresses, the DJs & the VJs, the airline & the shuttle buses that made our flight in air then our ride on land as smooth as can be!

Well, I have to tell you brothers & sisters I am exhausted! I need some sleep after 5 days of non-stop Black Power Activities, so I will end this report right here for now but stay tuned for more exciting details cause this revolution will be televised! ...

All of this & more coming soon ... Right here on The Black Fist Blog!



Anonymous said...

It was a great convention General Nikki X you looked beautiful you are a truly beautiful woman inside & out! I'm getting the videos together and will contact you when they are ready. Can't wait till next ma!

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

It was the bomb Sis. Nikki we threw down!

Anonymous said...

We had a hellu good time & my brother is right you were beautiful always are to me

Bro. Damion

Anonymous said...

It was off the chain sister I wanna thank all the good brothers and sisters who helped to put that convention together cause yall out did yourselfs it was fun and iit was good to see all the black panthers together in one spot you held it down Nikki X your speech about black love and what it should be was right on point. I know the crowd loved it! Can't wait till next year

Sis. Rachel 2X

Anonymous said...

Another boss event I was glad to finally meet you you are a very special young lady Sis. X n gorgeous to

Bro. Tank

celestine said...

this is wonderful!unec