Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Greetings Greetings Greeting Beautiful Black People !!!

Today we bring to you another Black Power Update regarding our upcoming Black Power Convention!

The good brothers and good sisters of this organization have been flooded with inquiries about our location, date, and time of this year's upcoming event.  We have done our best to return all emails and provide you with all of the information and details you need to know. 

Brothers and sisters it's time to get down and pack your bags because this will be a convention like no other!  Serious black power business will be taking place at this fine event following that its nothing but sun 'n' fun!  We had a lot of volunteers of friends and supporters working side-by-side along with our membership to put this thing together and keep it as top notch as in previous years.  We thank you ALL!  I must say that there has been a year or two whereas I was not able to attend our annual convention (dealing with bullshit and bullshit ass people) but NO MORE JACK!  Today General Nikki X is completely focused, completely on point, and straight up serious as heart attack!  Trust - Know- & - Believe!

This year's event will be our usual week long gathering and there will be plenty of delicious food and drinks on hand.  There will be a lot of everything for everyone no matter what the taste.

The food provided will be for the non-pork eaters to the pork eaters, there will be plenty of delicious soul food, there will be plenty of Jamaican style cusine, there will be plenty of cajun style food, there will be plenty of African cuisine, there will be plenty of delicious organic dishes cooked in any of the various styles of cusine mentioned above, and the freshing cool drinks & many flavorful desserts will be quite simply delicious & outstanding! 

There will also be plenty of non-stop music of all genres to groove to!  From old school classic R&B -to- The Jamaican sounds of the Islands -to- The Revolution beats of soldiers past & present -to- The African grooves straight from the Motherland!  We will have it all & it will be all the way live!

Come prepared to get down to the serious business of fighting against this wicked regime of racism and discrimination and strategizing our next moves then after that be prepared to network, relax, enjoy, and rejuvenate!

That is what our conventions are all about brothers & sisters networking with each other, fellowshipping with each other, and recognizing and saluting the extraodinarily hard and thankless work of being a black militant activist on the right side of history.   That is what we should always remember brothers & sisters, that WE are just that... "On The Right Side Of History".  We must always give each other a committment towards this fight for justice, strength to continue the fight, and gratitude for The Most High's blessing as we continue on in our journey of black militantism and noncompromising confrontational non-negotitable actions & stances.

How great it will be to get the hell outta Sinsinnati and see all of you beautiful brothers and sisters who live here (outside of Sinsinnati) & our beautiful brothers & sisters from around the country once again!

Note:  Anyone who still needs the information on the location, date, & time of our Black Power Convention please contact me directly at:  

I will send you an email with everything you strong warriors for justice need to know so you too can join us this summer and know what it's like to be in the atmosphere and company of some for real ass black militant activist & black conscious friends!

We leave you now with the The Black Fist Organization battle cry & greetings of ...



Anonymous said...

Hey hey Sis. Nikki X I got your email and I am there queen! All that food OMG! I can taste it now see you there

Sis. Arena

Anonymous said...

Yeah its all hands on deck ma! We finna do this I'm already at the spot cant wait to get wit all the beautiful positive black people & you to!

Respectfully yours in the struggle,
Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Its gonna do what it do!!!!!!!!!! See ya' in paradise

Bro. D

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X sounds like y'all outdone y'all self this time this sounds great and i got my email to I'm packing my shit & my old man packing his shit n its on!

Sis. Drum

Anonymous said...

This will be live! We'll be there me n the boys will be in suited n ready to get down

Big Rich

Anonymous said...

we had such a great time last time this time does sound even better cant wait i got my email so now i know where & when i'll be there sister solider!

your friend & sister for life
Sis. Regina Yisrael

Anonymous said...

Oh & Sis. Nikki X The entire House of Yisrael thanks you for all you do and have done in the community. :-)

Sis. Regina Yisrael

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah! sounds like a winner!!!
Got tha email

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

This will be a great convention we need to be able to get away from here and dialog with black folk of like mind can't wait!!! see you there general


Anonymous said...

I'm coming its gonna be live!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering wil you be wearing that black power outfit in that picture damn i hope so!

A very interested brother

Anonymous said...

Got my email & I cant wait to leave this bitch for a week fo'sho'!

Bro. Big Man