Monday, June 3, 2013



Brothers and sisters we finally have the date, time, and location for our annual Black Power Convention this year!  This year's event will be even bigger than the previous years and one you will never forget!

To receive all of the information regarding this year's convention all you have to do is send us an email, and we will email you directly with everything you'll need to know.  In the email you will receive notice of the hotel holding the convention, the accomodations, the cost, the event calendar, the food list, the speaker's list, and the day of our annual Black Power Award Cermony ... you'll find out everything you need to know to be ready to pack your bags and get down!   Can you dig it!

This summer we will once again get together to fellowship, strategize, energize, revilitize, and also relax, have fun, and enjoy!

Formal invitations have already been sent out to the speaker's list of participates, and of course, our membership will be on stand-by to receive all confirmations from those who will be attending.  We look forward to seeing all of our friends and supporters at the convention this year!

Our old friends and our new friends.  Our old supporters and our new supporters.  We appreciate all of your positivity and dedication in this freedom struggle, and we also stand together in solidarity with all of our true brothers and sisters of conscious who believe and fight everyday for the liberation and salvation of the black nation!

The Revolution Will Be Live This Summer and We Can't Wait To See All Of You Beautiful Black People There !!!

A Message From General Nikki X

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