Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In the fifth installment of our ongoing series called "Stalking", we will examine when not responding to a stalking no longer works and what are the next steps to take.  If a stalker is so crazy so mentally inept so out of control that he/she continues to come to your home, place of employment, or place of recreation even after being told it is over and to move on with his/her life then that stalker has determined (not the victim) that he or she wants to go to prison.

Prison is the only solution for a nitwit that can not get over his/her delusional interpretation of what "love" is.  Prison is the only solution for a stalker that continues to call the ex, email the ex, instant message the ex, come to the ex's home in the middle of the night leaving retarded ass 3rd grade "notes"  while creeping around tampering with her vehicle.

There comes a time when the victim of the stalker simply gets fed-up with all the harrassment and intrusions and that is when it's time to call the boys in blue!  THE POLICE!

Most stalkers don't get the message!  Most stalkers believe they have a RIGHT to their ex!  Most stalkers are mentally deranged!  Most stalkers end up in prison or fucked up somewhere!  That's just the long & the short of it!

The link below is an example of several men in the community that are fucked up in the head and believe they can do whatever they want to do without suffering the consequences and reprecussions of their sneaky evil dirty deeds.  The link below provides you the faithful readers of the Black Fist Blog a complete example of just a few nut cases in the community who feel they are above the law.  The link below will also provide you the faithful and interested readers of our series on "Stalking", the actual face of the stalker who has been doing all of the evil activities listed above  & in previous stalking articles.

You will see by clicking the link provided that this nutcase stalker was not so long ago in Local 12 news online's edition of "The Wheel of Justice".  (View the video & story on Local 12's website)

We have chronicled in our series a sister who is currently being stalked.  We have also read one of the insane incoherant emails of "foundational love" from the stalker to this sister.  Well, this sister is completely fed-up with her stalker's bullshit lurking around her pad moving her garbage cans, pouring tomatoe soup on her car, and fucking with her personal property in the middle of the night that she is ready notify the Cincinnati Police Dept. and report ALL of her stalker's actions.

This sister is NOT playing.  Here at The Black Fist Blog we mean business when we research and write our articles on stalking and domestic violence.  We are dilligent and committed to helping any sister that reaches out to us for help in getting some delusional fantasy seeking reject stalker off her muthafucking back!

Clicking the link below will reveal that one of the dummies in the "Wheel of Justice" lineup is in fact ... that sisters stalkers!  And if he continues to contact this sister and creep around her home at night tampering with her shit, well, his ass will find himself  "back on the wheel"... "back in court"... "back in front of a Hamilton County Judge"... and ultimately "back in prison"!





Anonymous said...

I think it was either #2 or #5 based on reading that story but the 1 with the doo-rag and the other darkskinned dude looked the craziest so its gotta be between those 2.

Anonymous said...

Anybody crazy enough to rape somebody in a grocery store should still be in jail he looked the crazyest out of all them wheel of justice guys.


Anonymous said...

I hope the sister in the artice is safe and stays away from her stalker i was stalked by my ex dude and he used come to my home he kept calling me he was all on facebook page trying contact my friends he was just a dude that wouldnt let go talking bout he love e he didnt even know what love was always blaming me for his fucked up shit while I was doing all I could for him hell he didnt have no job and whe he got 1 he couldnt keep it so I was buying all the food he didnt have no car so I shared mine but he still wasnt happy cause ghe was crazy before I met him his own peoples dont wanna have shit to do with him his shit was raggety but everything was my fault I cut him loose but he kept stalking me so I did what I had to do I'll just leave it like that. Thanks Nikki X for sharing that sisters story I hope she's reading this cause she is not alone.

Trina happy single but kicking it wit a new dude who REALLY knows how to treat me

Anonymous said...

Doo-rag boy looks like the mental niggah if its him thats tracking this sister she needs to handle that ASAP! Out of all them storys how a nigga gone rape a chick in a store??? Yeah he got that crazy ass pyscho thang all over his grill!

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

That punk nedds his muthafucking ass beat!

Anonymous said...

Yeah dude a mental ill type nigga he do need his ass beat terrorizing a woman who don't want his punk ass no mo look nigga whoever you are if a woman don't want yo ass keep it moving nigga you fucked up nigga you had yo shot n blew it you lost a queen now you wanna cry like a bitch n come around the spot at night like some ho ass nigga man i wish that was my sister or my peeps dead be in the dust bynow on tha real

Bro. T-Moneyz

Anonymous said...

Good article Nikki X it hit home with me cause my ex-igger crazy in fuck he got sprung offa the ill na na & couldnt let it go! The nigger didnt work didnt do me right he lied all the time he want 1 way for him 1 way for me he didnt have no car & basically just a leech I have to let him go hit want somebody to take care of him then he have the nerve to wanna fight me well i fucked him up i wont say how but i bet he wont put his mutherfucking hands on another woman. These niggers need to ralize when its over its over!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck a ho ass nigga that stalk a woman thatz some ho ass shit n that nigga need to get his ass fucked up ASAP come get wit a real ass nigga bitch n leave the sister alone

Brother from the A-1

Anonymous said...

They all look stupid! That is 1 ugly lineup

Anonymous said...

The stalker needs to be locked up for a very long time if a woman dont want you no more keep it moving dont act like a bitch