Monday, June 3, 2013


In our continuing series on "Stalking", I would like to present to you this true story.

           (The pictures above depict the actual car damage. Not the actual car)

Brothers and Sisters I have some questions for you.  Visualize these true life scenarios:

Scenario 1. "Imagine that your ex smashed your car windshield and physically damaged your car by continuously kicking the car in a fit of evil uncontrollable rage.  Imagine this ex damaging your car because he didn't get his way by not getting a ride from a public place she was at and he wasn't invited to yet found out she was there.  Imagine taking your car to two reputable car collision dealerships and was told this ex caused $2,000 worth of damage to the body of your car and $300 worth of windshield damage."

Scenario 2. "Imagine your ex finally after 4 months reimbursing you for the $300 smashed windshield he caused.  Imagine after a year of the incident this ex still owes you the money for the body damage."

Scenario 3. "Imagine you took your ex to court immediately after the violent attack on your car, received a court ordered judgement in the amount of $2,000 for the body damage to your vehicle after your ex plead guilty (admitting to everything).  Imagine five months later your ex is arrested at a crackhouse with a crack pipe, goes to jail, goes through the judical system, and in the course of begging and pleading with the white judge for community service while cutting deals for a lesser jail sentence, your "criminal damaging and endangering" case (for what he did to your car) is completely thrown out and the ex only gets a few days community service for his crack case and slithered completely out of your "criminal damaging and endangering" case."

Scenerio 4. "Imagine this same ex still owing $1,800 out of the $2,000 that was court ordered for him to pay you 14 months ago.  Imagine this ex walking around today as if he did nothing, owes nothing, and you and him are still together and everything's alright with his world.  Imagine this ex begging, pleading, and hounding a member of this organization to join her at the Black Power Convention."

Scenario 5. "Imagine the sister who has not even spoken to this ex for months, has cut him completely off, has no feelings for him whatsoever, and wishes he would just pay her what he owes her for the "criminal damaging" he did to her car (the money is not a gift as believe has tricked himself into believing), and wishes he would just go away is now asking "how much money will [he] need to attend the convention" with that same sister in question."

Epilogue: Brothers and sisters of conscious besides this ex being delusionally deranged, "extremely violent with apparent mental problems" (as the newspapers have described him for a previous crime he committed & served 15 years in a super max prison), and being a completely unhinged stalker ...

My question for you today is:  "Sisters, if this was your ex-boyfriend or brothers if this was your ex-girlfriend what would your answer be to this loser now asking you to attend our elustrious Black Power Convention while still owing you $1,800 for a violent evil act of rage and crybaby-ism?"

Please post your answers below in our comment section.

(The scenarios presented above are gathered from a true life nightmare a sister had to live through and endure dealing with a man who never deserved her from the jumpoff.  Happily today, this sister can report living a full beautiful life filled with wonderful friends, a loving and supportive family, and plenty of love.  This sister has also reported that she has no intention of taking her ex around the corner let alone to the convention.  We thank this sister for having the courage to share her story)


Anonymous said...

Flatout hell naw i wuldnt take his ass! this stalking series has helped me alot sister nikki my ex is crazy and he thinks everythings ok these men are stupid cause when they had the woman they fucked it up but you know theywill say we made then do what they did fuck that his ass is assed out!

Sis. Arena

Anonymous said...

Damn if that was my sister I wouldve been beat his ass off the rip! He a straight up punk bitch for doing that sisters car like that shit yeah niggah I'da been coming for that ass see if the niggah go heads up wit a real niggah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bro. K.L

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! I felt like that was what I just went thru with my ex nigger he was always flexing and acting jealous but one day my friend fucked him up and the nigger skirted so fast I haven't seen him in 2years. I pray this sister stays away from him and stays safe I'm glad she was strong enough to share her story that was a damnn shame how could he do something like that all cause she wont transport his ass why he ain't go no car? To answer the question NO WAY would he be going to the convention with me how's he getting there and where's his money to get there? If he has money for that he can pay his ex for her car and STOP THE STALKING!

Good series it hits close to home. Sis. T.C see you at the convention

Anonymous said...

I wish i knew who that bitch ass nigga was!!!!!!!!!

bro. Jason

Anonymous said...

If it was my ex-girl she'd sitting in jail till she get my money if that was done to a sister I knew I'd beat the shit out of him n keeping beating the shit out of him every gotdamn day till he pays the sister!!! I would never hit a woman so my ex-old girl would be lucky to just chill in the joint!

Bro. Trey X

and fuck naw that bitch ass punk ain't going to no convention owing her money like that that sister is right n I agree wit my boys K.L & Jason he need his ass kicked