Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Our dear and tireless warrior for the people, Bro. Nathaniel Livingston Jr. has once again brought to the public eye the very serious problem of the filthy rich not being mandated to pay their for share in taxes just like the rest of us.

Bro. Livingston who is born & raised right here in good ol' Sinsinati has seen it all when it comes to how the rich scheme, lie, and bamboozle their way to the top.  Bro. Nate has also seen how these same rich folks have been able to get out of paying their fair share in taxes.  How do they do it?  Easy.  By way of Cincinnati City Council that's how!

You see while the rest of us hard working going about our everyday lives paying all kinds of taxes, the filthy rich in the city get to slide and keep all of their earned income.  The wealthy in Cincinnati, Ohio do NOT pay taxes on their earned income!

There have been many activist including Bro. Nate's organization The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati & The Black Fist who has flooded City Hall chambers week after week, month after month & year after year to protest this very unfair practice.  The official name of what the rich is lawfully getting away with is called not paying taxes on their "Stock Options".

The Black Fist will join The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati lead by Mr. Livingston in the fight to put on the ballot a referendum that states in part, " law the rich must pay taxes on their stock options."

For years upon years these greedy rich predominately white men has been allowed by law to skirt paying taxes on stock options, and the one person on city council who used to demand that they do was Christopher Smitherman (in his first term on council before he was booted out some years ago).

Since the return of this con man nothing has been spoken out of his mouth about taxing stock options.  Most likely that is due to the council snake being in bed with the big white men of this town and protecting them from even considering the subject cause we are sure in the mind of the sillysnake, "he's their friend now".  Yeak Ok!  In any event Council Snake Smitherman has gorilla glued his lips together on the subject and that's terrific from the standpoint of the GOP, the filthy rich, and the council snake's personal pockets.

How fortunate for this city to have honest black activist who are not on the take to stand up and speak out for fairness, justice, & righteousness!  That is why we here in The Black Fist Organization are honored to assist Bro. Livingston & his organization in whatever way we can to get petitions on the ground for the public to sign in order to put this much needed initiative on the ballot this November to be voted on.

Let's take a look at what Bro. Livingston wrote on his well-known Facebook page about just one of Cincinnati's most filthiest of richest white men, A.G. Lafley Chief Executive Officer of Proctor & Gamble.
                     (Not the actual picture of P&G CEO A.G. Lafley .. but close enough)

"You wouldn't know it by reading this story but Lafley and other filthy rich corporate CEOs DON'T PAY A PENNY in city taxes on much of that wealth. Council RAISED YOUR PROPERTY TAXES but they never even considered making the wealthy pay 2.1% on wealth accumulated from the exercise or sale of stock options. Unless people pass The Cincinnati Fair Tax Act, Council will never make the rich pay their fair share.

P&G's Lafley owns $110M in stock and options

Procter & Gamble chief executive A.G. Lafley has a big stake in boosting shareholder value: at least $110 million of his net worth is tied in the company stock."  

(End Quote) 

 Once again we thank our compadre in the struggle Nathaniel Livingston Jr. for allowing the faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog this opportunity to be informed with the truth and knowledge regarding the taxing of stock options.   

The Black Fist Organization looks forward to standing strong with The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati in the fight for justice & fairness as we have done so many times over the course of these last 13 years.

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