Tuesday, June 18, 2013


                                      Council Klown Chris Smitherman

STOP SMITHERMAN Update.... The Sillyman says he doesn't care how his colleagues on Council feel about him. [They hate him, and for good reason -- he's only interested in grandstanding, not moving the city forward. He thinks he should be may...or, not Mark Mallory.] Why would anyone waste a vote on this guy when he can't get along with his colleagues, get any legislation passed, or get anything done.

He really doesn't care what you, the voters, think about him either. He thinks he's smarter than you. A self-proclaimed "financial planner" with no degree in finance, no certification by real financial planners (which is why he can't call himself a Certified Financial Planner).

The Sillyman used to be a Charterite. So for him to say he hates the City Manager form of government -- the basis of Charter, should make you wonder why he was ever in their party. I know why, but some of you die-hard Smithereens won't admit it: he used Charter to get what he wanted -- a seat on Council -- just like he used the NAACP, The Buzz, and, before he died, Kabaka Oba. [What happened to The Sillyman leading the effort to have the city name a street after Kabaka or some people building a statue of him.] 

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Story courtesy of our dear brother Nathaniel Livingston Jr.  Picture & caption courtesy of General Nikki X)


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I ain't voting for his ass!

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