Thursday, February 16, 2006


Voting Rights Act Reauthorization?

I've been hearing for years now about black folks right to vote in this country being held hostage in a sense and that right could be taken away at any give time. Is the right to vote being held in some sort of perpetual limbo due to every so many years (I hear it's every 25 years) the right for black folks to vote must be re-voted upon by the Congress? I decided to do a little checking into this "rumor" to see what I could come up with. Myself along with the contributing writers here at The Black Fist Blog value truth and not just heresay, rumors and the like. And in keeping with this high standard of writing, This is what I found concerning the black nations right to vote in America. Let's start with a little bit of history shall we?.....


Following the Civil War and the end of slavery this country went through a period of significant change. During this "reconstruction" era several constitutional amendments were passed--including the 15th Amendment. The 15th amendment, ratified in 1870, granted all citizens the right to vote. But the promises of the 15th amendment did not become a reality for many black citizens for almost another 100 years.
During this time, many states, especially Southern states, schemed and plotted to deny blacks the right to vote. Poll taxes, literacy tests and citizenship tests became common impediments. These devices successfully kept many citizens from participating in the most fundamental part of the political process by denying them the opportunity to choose representatives in local, state and federal government. However, beginning in the 1950s, a movement began to correct these wrongs--culminating in 1965 with the Bloody Sunday march from Selma to Montgomery. Shortly after the march, and 95 years after the 15th amendment was ratified, Congress finally voted to end these discriminatory schemes and wicked plots by passing the Voting Rights Act (VRA).


The VRA has quickly become one of the most important pieces of legislation ever signed into law. It paved the way for millions of blacks to vote in elections at all levels of government. Much of its success is reflected in the record numbers of blacks registering and turning out to vote and in the increased number of black men and black women as elected officials.


The VRA attacked racial discrimination from a number of different angles, including provisions designed to increase black representation and to monitor those states with with a history of employing discrimination tactics. While the permanent provisions of the VRA protect the right to vote by prohibiting discriminatory practices, other provisions require Congressional reauthorization in order to continue. These sections of the law were last extended by Congress twenty-five years ago and must be renewed before they expire in 2007.

My Voting Rights Reauthorization research ends here.

Well there you have it folks, black folks in these so-called United States of Americas' voting rights must be renewed every 25 years or so and the so-called rights we have now will expire in the year 2007. When is 2007? That's right, it's right around the corner. So we would suggest that any black person out there interested in their constitutional right to vote contact their local Congressman or Congresswoman and light the proverbal fire under their proverbal behinds cause it looks like black folks who thought they had "rights" really don't have jack except for what the "man" wants him or her to have and it could be taken away as soon as 11 months from today.

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If this topic brought to you today is of concern to anyone out there, you can find more information at check it out, do your own research and get involve!

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The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Thanks for bringing up this issue. I think more information should be made available in the upcoming year. What are the politicians saying? Are they distributing information? Can that information be placed online?

I just posted a follow-up to this story at The Cincinnati Beacon: click here.

General Nikki X said...

Thank you Dean for your always insightful comments and views.

If more people would take a little more time and research (as you do and I tip my hat to you on forcing the Cincinnati Enquirer to own up to their mistakes & print the proper corrections) instead of just "reaching" there would be alot less jackasses floating through the bloggersphere.

Your comments are always welcomed.
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