Saturday, February 18, 2006



The Justice department will not file civil rights charges against the white Cincinnati Police officer who started the chain of events that started the 2001 unrest (some people may call it a "riot", I do not, in my opinion a "riot" is when black folks leave dead white folks bleeding in the streets).

Ex-Cincinnati Police officer and current Evendale Police officer Stephen Roach will not be charged with violating the civil rights of Timothy Thomas, the 19 year old black youth who was fatally shot in a dark alley by Roach on April 4, 2001.

Although the April 2001 shooting was tragic, it occurred in a "fast-moving, inherently dangerous situtation in a dark alley" and there was not enough evidence to prove officer Stephen Roach acted improperly, Assistant Attorney General Wan Kim said.

Roach chased Timothy Thomas into a alley and shot him with no other Cincinnati Police officers around.

The Justice Department said inconsistencies in statements made by Roach were insufficient to pursue charges.

In the opinion of General Nikki X and The Black Fist who protested everyday of the Roach trial, spoke out on television, newspaper, radio and at City Hall about this heinous back alley murder and no-good Roach's kangaroo court trial this decision by the Justice Department is absolute BULLSHIT!!!!!
But it is to be expected by a racist no-good dirty double dealing government!
And under the administration of this devil named Bush...What else could we have expected to happen to that killer cop Roach? A little something called JUSTICE? Hell No!

The bottom line is: Stephen Roach walks around, enjoys his wife & family, lives, works and breaths freely, while our 19 year old Bro. Timothy Thomas stays dead and cold in the ground! His 4 year old son is forever without a father, his woman forever with her man (at least forever with him) and his Mother, siblings, family & friends are forever with their son, brother and friend.

In the words of our other dearly departed Bro. Louis Armstrong...."What A Wonderful World!"

The Boycott, The Protest and The Fight Against Police Brutality Continues.....

Don't Beleive The Hype! As a Spokesperson for The Black Fist, We have stated in the past and we will continue to say in the future, "Until black people in this city receive JUSTICE there will be no PEACE!

No Justice, No Profit Keep Your Money In Your Pockets!!!

(See Black Fist Blog entry: "No Justice, No Profit" for more information on the ongoing boycott and sanctions on travel and tourism on the City of Cincinnati. General Nikki X can say she has NEVER broken the boycott and NEVER will. Don't beleive the hype and rhetoric of some who claim to be members of this organization WHO ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN! They make stupid comments about supporting the boycott but when The Black Fist was active in the protesting, speaking out at City Hall and shouting down of killer cops like Stephen Roach to his face, they were steadily breaking the boycott, blasting The Black Fist for its efforts and calling talk radio everyday tearing apart anyone who was standing firm on the beliefs and positions of the boycott including the man who they are running around with today. Audio of these claims can be made available. General Nikki X is not known to lie to the black community and or "re-invent Black Fist history" to make myself look good in the movement in an effort to TRICK folks into beleiving I'm something I'm not. The Record, Reputation and Hard-Core Guerilla-ism of General Nikki X stands for itself. I'm quite sure others who have suddenly "latched" onto the philosphies and opinions of The Black Fist wish they could say the same.)


Black Man is King said...

Girl you broke it down! Roach should have hiss ass in federal prison right now! I believe you and support you Sis. Brig. General Nikki X the black fist was on the frontline I remember we were right in the heart of the unrest and we were at that fat slob roach's trial and at Bro. Thomas' funeral I was inside you and general kabaka was holding it down outside. I was there and I know which members of the black fist were there and which ones were'nt.
Keep your head up stay strong beautiful black Queen and beleive everything will work out in the end nobody with any common sense will beleive the hype! black power to you my beautiful sister!

Anonymous said...

Roach is a murderer and he should be in jail ASAP he was unarmed!!!!! RIP Tim.

Anonymous said...

Steven Roach is a racist cop who shouldve been exterminated!!!

Anonymous said...

Roach is a great officer just doing his job. timothy Thomas was a no account drug boy who suffered from "Ghetto Pants." those are pants that are falling down all the time and the boy has to hold 'em up with one hand. This led to Mr. Thomas' death. Similarly, Tynesha Tevis, was shot by some drug boy holding up his pants. Lesson? Buy belt.

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

Amen to that anonymous 1:55:05PM!! I for one am damn tired of seeing the baggy pants no load yoof's underwear while they hang on the corner. The best thing the Cincinnati Public Schools could do would be to institute a school uniform. In one fell swoop, all of the baggy pants, hats turned backwards and $400 gym shoes would be gone. At least from 8-3 Monday-Friday.

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

General Nikki you are right on the money with this one especially what you spoke of at the end. Please don't get caught up in the madness ain't nobody paying them fools no mind there are living in a fantasy world of their own and they are both to stupid to see it! People know whose who and whats what ok so ignore them as you put it losers.

Sister Dina

Anonymous said...

Kemuel you are a black bastard that don't know his big empty head from his lil black balls. Go back to africa boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Probably couldve tazed his black ass had he been a little closer, but as it stands, its nice to see a cop with good aim. After all, he had to be firing at nothin but eyeballs and teef. How you like them apples, Kim U El, u niggerdick suckin welfare bum

Anonymous said...
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