Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Tonight I attended the CityLinks meeting at The Lincoln Center in the West End. I'd say there were about 300 or so people there and from what I observed the meeting went much smoother and more respectfully than the previous meetings.
I went there to listen and learn and to actually hear from the board of CityLinks since they seem to have been less than willing to make themselves available to the community of the West End based on private conversation some of my good friends in the West End shared with me.
Alot of the residents of that community have been less than pleased with CityLinks refusal to speak to them directly and actually lay out their plans in full colored detail.

"Why were you there General Nikki X?" Besides the fact that I can go any damn where I please at any given time without the "express permission" of anyone.
Here's a little knowledge for those of you who stay up late into the night obsessing and losing valuable and from the looks of "things" much needed sleep concerning my whereabouts....

My family has lived in the West End since the 1920's. I have a vested interest in that communities prosperity, longevity, livelihood and future development. That little GNX black history moment was for those of you out there who have worried themselves sick and drove themselves crazy-ER due to the fact I spend time at a certain black owned and operated restaurant namely Junebug's Bar-B-Que and Steakhouse. Where else would I dine? There is an economic boycott still alive and well in the City of Cincinnati and in keeping with those boycott restriction, The Black Fist (the real Black Fist) encourage everyone who cares about justice and equality to spend your hard earned dollars and cents with a black owned and operated businesses such as Junebug's Bar-B-Que and Steakhouse located right in the heart of the West End on Linn St.
And I still have family there in the West End today. Brigadier General Nikki X has always considers herself a "Friend of The West End"!

And as a card carrying member of the West End community council, my response to the meeting tonight is basically.....CityLinks was basically preachin' to the choir.

As a Spokesperson for The Black Fist, This was an "Official" Black Fist report!

"It May Not Not Always Be Good News But It's Hood News!"

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General Nikki X said...

I told you once before you delusional bipolar-stricken whore: Take your bullshit and your sick fantasies somewhere else!!! You will NOT get your vindictive, jealous-hearted obsessions off on this blog!!!

It's not my fault NO ONE is reading your weak-ass shit except your weak-ass man!!!

Get over your love for starting shit and learn how to drive a car properly so you can stop getting ARRESTED!!!! Ok?

Fuck You and Thanks for trying to mimick "The Black Fist Blog"!