Saturday, February 25, 2006


Black Power & Greetings My Beloved Brothas & Sistas,

As you well know this month is the month of February which is known for celebrating "Black History". February happens to also be the shortest month of the year, just a coincidence? Well I have my opinion on that and I'm sure you have yours.

However, This is "The Black Fist Blog" and we do things alittle diferently from the norm, wouldn't you say?
And in keeping with the philosphies and opinions of The Black Fist Organization, General Nikki X has established that "Black History", with the blessings of all members of The Black Fist, is EVERYDAY! "Why?" You maybe asking yourselves....
Because I said so.

So in keeping true to form with our establised beliefs, we here at The Black Fist Blog will be exploring some of our greatest and litle known freedom fighters/heroes/heroines to ever have stood up, spoken out and fought against slavery, racism, police brutality, injustice and many other vicious ills that have plagued black folks in this country since 1619.

As Head of Telecommunications for our organization, I feel it is my duty and obligation to share with all of you who read and enjoy, agree or disagree, with us to give a better understanding -or - simply put - a better "overstanding" of the strong black men and strong black women who paved the way and fought tooth & nail to ensure the rights, dignities and respect of all black folk of Afrikan desent trapped here in these so-called United States of America, which we call "The Hells of North America.".

I will be bringing these historic Black men and Black women to you in a 8-part series.
I am reworking a few things on this blog and soon I will be reinstating bright bold pictures into this 8-part series, as well as pictures to go along with my other blog entries.
I'm sure you remember the picture of (now) Mayor Mark L. Mallory and Brigadier General Nikki X as he proudly and boldly accepted "The Black Fist Endorsement For Mayor?" What some of you didn't know and I'll share with you today is, that former Cincinnati City Councilman and Current political failure/flop David Pepper intended to take that picture of Mayor Mallory and myself and use it for evil. And when my most trusted "sources" alerted me to that evil wicked and nasty plot attempted to be orchestrated by "the son of P & G" (as my good friend Nate Livingston calls him) I immediately sprang into action and removed that photo from this site and requested the same of all my fellow blogsters whom I had given express permission to post to their sites upon their express request. To which they conplied immediately. And I thank them once again today.
The plot was foiled, crybaby David Pepper slithered away with his tail between his legs in utter shame and defeat having lost the mayors' race and subsequently losing his City Councilman seat and Mayor Mark Mallory is just that "MAYOR" Mark Mallory!

Now -- in saying all of that, I felt this was the proper time to give "The Real Story" on why that picture was removed because we continue to hear so many foolish, stupid, ignorant and flat out bipolar-ridden babble-ladden comments from a "couple of losers" in this community that can't tell their own ears lobes from their assholes nor can they stop worrying themselves sick about "The Brigadier", this blog and my business. So they spread falsehood and incorrect information whereas I feel the truth and nothing but the truth should be told IN our black community and certainly TO our black community!

And be that as it may I just wanted to give some information, alerts and updates on what's happening and what's to come here on The Black Fist Blog, in truth and in love toward our beautiful black nation.

So please stay tuned for the first installment of our 8-part series. And if the readers out there enjoy and gain knowledge form our series, I will be more than delighted to incorporate more interesting stories about the lives of some of best and brightest!

Because On The Black Fist Blog Everyday Is A Day To Celebrate "Black History!"