Sunday, February 19, 2006


We should always be thankful for our many many blessings. As Black people living here in the Hells of North America we certain have plenty to fight against and be on high alert for. But there are so many beautiful glorious days the Creator Most High has blessed us with we need to talk about that too.

This entry is about "Your Blessings". What are you thankful for? What is it that you feel blessed about? How are you blessed? What positive contributions do you give back to the black community for which you live to show the community just how blessed you feel?

I'm blessed to have family, friends, associates, my career and my life's work. I'm blessed to be young, alive and healthy. I'm also blessed to have a beautiful strong black conscience-oriented son who will soon be going off to pursue a masters degree in college! I'm also blessed to have been born at a time when Legalized American Slavery has been abolished! Oh yes any one of us black people living today in America could've been born a slave. And if we think it's hell on earth right here in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America today-- think about what our ancestors endured from the period of 1619-1863 then on through Jim Crow, lynchings and so forth.

So we'd like to hear your comments on this topic. We want to hear about your blessings.

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Black Man is King said...

I'm thankful for that fact you're so fine girl are you single?

Anonymous said...

I am blessed to have a nice home a nice car and my children . blacks in cincinnati need to fight for their rights and keep the pressure on the white establishment. Thank you General Nikki for keeping the pressure on the establishment and keeping the issues out there on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to have my husband and my children and to be able to pay my bills on time. Keep up the good job General Nikki I like the diverse topics.