Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is another Black Fist 'Round The Nation Special Report. This particular story comes straight out of the city of Baltimore, Maryland, It's known to can get REAL HOT right up along in there, ya know.
Check this story out and give us some feedback on what you think about the activism of the victim, the crime and the penalty.

There are similiarities in the crime committed in Baltimore and what some of you may have read in the newspapers here locally involving a similiar [alleded] crime being committed. That's if any of you out there were really paying any attention. Which from what I've heard from many, y'all wasn't even all that interested. Well to each his own.
Now on to our story.....


BALTIMORE - A gang leader was sentenced Tuesday to 80 years in prison for trying to intimidate a neigborhood anti-drug activist by firebombing her home.
Terrence Smith was leader of the Bloods gang that planned the January 2005 attack on Harwood Community Association President Edna McAbier, who repeatedly told police about neighborhood drug deals, prosecutors said.
McAbier was not hurt and the fire started by the beer bottle-and-gasoline Molotov cocktales caused only minor damages.
Smith, 24, of Baltimore, was convicted in December. Two co-defendants were sentenced earlier to 60 years in prison each.

The Story Ends There. Now A Few Comments From General Nikki X:

Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 80 years and 60 years a piece!!!!!! They weren't playing up in Baltimore were they?!? I know that "intimidating a witness" is a very very serious crime and should not be taken lightly by no means at all. Ms. Edna McAbier was trying her best, it appears, to clean up her neighborhood from the selling of illegal narcotics and this drug dealer/gang leader (as it is stated within the story and of course, as we know from experience right here in good ol' racist Sinsinnati, you can't belive everything you read in the newspapers) called himself intimidating this woman, by no less going to her home.
Now when a big bad someone goes to a persons place of residence that's some very serious shit and you could be going there to bully and intimidate your intended victim but could wind up getting more than you came looking for. You just don't do business like that, I mean, in my most humble opinion, ANYONE who would go to someones home with the intent to intimidate, bully, talk that bullshit and so-call flex their manhood is nothing more than a chicken-shit bitch-ass coward of the 550th degree and their asses SHOULD be behind bars doing time and reflecting on their crime while crying in the arms of their new lover named Bubba!

A top-notch 100% super-soldier in The Black Fist by the name of General Emerald also says, "If you can't do tha time, don't do crime!" And this highly-trained in the art of self-defense General also says, "If can't pay tha cost, you really ain't tha boss!" Our General, General Emerald knows these streets and this elite General has been out here along time, grew up in the West End and has done battle with the best of them for years upon years and one thing about it, This General would NEVER go to someones home to flex, bully and sell woof tickets. Oh hell naw, I'm told only a scared ass punk would do something as low as that. Especially if it's a man-to-man type of situtation!
It's almost like the Klu Klux Klan in my opinion cause they have a long extended history of riding up on a (in their despicable uneducated words) nigger and firebomb the home, bust out the windows, kick in the doors, intimadating the person and their family, lynching the black men and raping the black women along with killing the little black children.
Intimidation of a witness and/or intimidation [period] is a crime and should be dealt with as such!

That was some historical background and personal feelings that myself and General Emerald have regarding the cowardly crime of witness intimadation. And as in the Baltimore case, That activist/woman had a right to want her streets cleaned up from the filth and dealing of drugs without fear of retaliation and bodily harm. And in the opinion of The Black Fist regardless of race, the intimidator got just what the fuck they deserved and in the ruling of that Baltimore court it was a sentence of 60 and 80 fuckin' years a piece!

So it certaintly goes to show that high bonds and long jail time is not only doled out here in good ol' racist Sinsinnati, Ohio but in Baltimore, Maryland and around the nation.


  1. Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time!
  2. Don't fuck around with folks who are'nt to be fucked with!
  3. The best way to stop being bullied is to expose the bully!
  4. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!
  5. What goes around, comes around!
  6. When you have no control over your own children/family, How in the hell can you go around trying to control others!

Just some words of wisdom, caution and reflections: Straight From The Black Fist "Book of Do's and Don'ts in tha hood"!

This was another Black Fist 'Round The Nation Special Report!



Anonymous said...

The same thing has happened in this City. Black criminal torched white woman's house because she snitched. He's walking free & stalking her & her children. The police aren't protecting this woman & her children. The pretty boy blackie has them on the take. This is an absolutely true story.

So, what is on the agenda for the Black Fist in terms of setting up a movement against witness intimidation? Will there be a meeting soon? Will you be organizing something or just talking?

General Nikki X said...

The Black Fist is not a law enforcement agency.

To Anonymous,

It's the job of the police who are getting paid by taxpayer dollars, kick back drug money from unlawful search & seizures and on the corner illegal shakedowns to "do something".

What will you be doing? What will you, as an apparent concerned citizen do to organize & provide protection for this "woman" you referred to and "her children"? If this is "absolutely true" then you better get started in YOUR efforts to stop this type of "witness intimidation."

Oh that's right you're doing it now...Posting anonymously on this blog asking the Black Fist what we're doing.

Or "were you "just talking?"

Thank you for your comment and Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

P.S. It's always nice to point out the race of the [alleded] offender when they are "black", isn't it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i do agree with your position on intimidation, except that i wonder if intimidation should be used as a strategy against racist cops, politicians, talk show hosts, etc. The intimidation could be their warning to clean up their act, and if the warning is not heeded, it can be followed up with action like the action suggested in the article I linked to in my other comment under your "stop snitching" post.