Saturday, February 25, 2006


This story comes straight out of the dirty south -via- the national newswire. Check this story out and read it carefully 'cause I most definately gotta feel some feedback on this one. This is another Black Fist 'Round The Nation "Special Report"!

We like to call this one: "What In The Sam Hills Going On In Jacksonville?!?"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The NAACP is calling for a federal investigation of the city's Fire Department after two black firefighters reported finding hangman's nooses on their gear.

Isaiah Rumlin, president of the local chapter of The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said he will ask the Justice Department to investigate an alleged culture of racism in the Jacksonville Fire-Rescue Department.

Mayor John Peyton has asked the city's Human Rights Commission and the General Counsel's Office to investigate.

That Story Ends There. Now a few thoughts from General Nikki X:

Whathafu*@?!? HowthaFu*@?!? And Whathafu*@ year is this again?!? Now first things first -- It looks like racism is running rampant within the City of Jacksonville's Fire Departments. It looks like the Jacksonville Fire Department's black city employees a.k.a. firefighters are catching hell and (pardon the pun) "hot ones" down there just like the black firefighters right here in in good 'ol Sinsinnati, Ohio. But at least they are standing up and letting the world know and shining a light on what the (pardon the pun) devils going on down there!

We can never forget how the City of Sinsinnati treated our black fire chief good ol' Chief Robert Wright. Treated him and continues to treat him like he's just some "boy" who happens to be in a "mans" position as Cincinnati City Fire Chief. And who could ever forget when that Catholic "volunteer" priest who the newspapers referred to as "Priest Mike", was carrying tales and making mischief between the white firehouses and the black firehouses. Hell under the racist leadership of then Mayor Charles "Charlie John" Luken, Chief Wright, the black man couldn't even fire him. Did y'all hear me?!? I said the Black Fire Chief could NOT fire the white VOLUNTEER Catholic mischief making priest and no-good Luken (just as no-good Bush does when he needs some "colored" backup) even brought in then and now ex-city manager, a so-called black woman and Condaleeza Rice clone Valerie Lemmie to seal the deal and ensure "Priest Mike's" continued mischief making and Luken even made Chief Wright shake hands with "Priest Mike" right there in front of the cameras, right there in front of The Black Fist and right there on the floor of council! Luken would never even attempted to think about doing such a thing to the white Police Chief Tommy Streicher Jr. Aw hell to tha naw! NEVER! To make a long story short a few months later this same mischief making Catholic priest was accused of child molestion (as so many of his "co-workers" before him) and he was "let go/relieved" of his duties from the Cincinnati Fire Department. And remember that clown was just a v-o-l-u-n-t-e-e-r!

Now getting back to our story down in Jacksonville - Whathafu*@?!? At least their local NAACP is calling for something that resembles what the NAACP is suppose to stand for. At least they are calling for an investigation of "something" and for the most part I am pleased to hear that. Our own local chapter of the NAACP under the current leadership of Edith Thrower and under the past leadership of Norma Holt-Davis is and was too busy trying to raise money (for what I haven't the foggiest), participating in over priced hamhocked, pig's feet and chicken dinners and (just a few weeks ago) giving silly meaningless press conferences regarding the nomination of (then supreme court nominee) Samuel Alto to stand up and follow their own constitutional charter and bylaws of that organization. What they should be doing is calling press conferences about the serious decline in the health, wealth, well-being and economic destitution of black folk right under their noses. The local chapter here should be alittle concerned about the sky-high homicide rate in the black community, the sky-high unemployment rate in the black community, the sky-high level of hunger, homelessness, poverty and of course, racism, discrimination and police brutality that is running rampant through the black community along with the declining graduation rate of black children in the black community!

I know this story wasn't about the NAACP, per say, but I had to get that off my chest. It's been a long time coming! The Black firefighters in Jacksonville suffering under institutionalized racism, discrimination and working under a "hate-crime" filled environment should take it all the way to the highest court in this country to demand justice, to demand the firing of those racist clowns who like to play with nooses and receive monetary damages for their pain & suffering. Yes, I realize the highest court in this country is racist and unjust as hell when it comes to giving justice to blacks but we must utilize what we have while we are in this land. It's all we have until we are "monetarily repaired" in the form of Reparations then we can pack our shit & get the hell outta here and set up our own government in our own country! How you gonna have black firefighters trained and paid by taxpayers dollars to save lives and put out fires then turn around and have their white "co-workers", white firefighters who are also paid by taxpayers dollars, do some racist shit like hang nooses on their equiptment? It's crazy! But we are living in the hells of north america, where ain't nothing changed but the days and years on the calendar. The minds and mentality of the whiteman is still the same: hateful, racist, ignorant and scared. Yes, there are white folks (most of them) who are scared of black folks because they know we are highly intelligent, skillful and resourceful. On top of being the original men and women of this planet, created in the image and likeness of God.

So General Nikki X of The Black Fist will continue to monitor this "hate-crime", this very racist ugly situtation down in Jacksonville and report any new developments that arise back to you the faithful readers of this blog.

I would hope our local chapter of the NAACP would one day get their thumbs out of their butts and stand up, speak up, call for investigations of racial discrimination and police brutality (when necessary/when it occurs) and look into the practices of racial discrimination within the City of Cincinnati's city employees. There's not a week that goes by that Cincinnati city employee Doug Springs fails to call The Lincoln Ware Show on 1230am WDBZ "The Buzz" and complain (and I beleive rightfully so) about some kind of racial discrimination going on in the city's health dept.

Where's the NAACP when you really need 'em? Oh I forgot they're in front of news cameras speaking out about things they have absolutely no control now Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alto.

I guess George W. Bush and the Senate in Washington, DC wasn't paying any attention to the local Cincinnati branch of the NAACP. I'll tell you - if that organization was doing their job then this city wouldn't need an organization like "The Black Fist!"

General Nikki X has said it before and she will say it again....."IT MAY NOT ALWAYS BE GOOD NEWS BUT IT'S HOOD NEWS!"


Anonymous said...

I've heard rumours the victims of the noose are also the ones that placed them there.

Jacksonville has a history of discrimination, REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.

Some non-black firefighters just won a reverse discrimination case today. I'm glad to see Jacksonville doesn't tolerate this...

Christopher King said...

Oh my god, spend a day in my blawg. The NAACP Northeast is a piece of shit.

And I ran the Cinti Call-Post for a while; I thought it was bad THERE!

No Justice, No Peace.

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for your comment Christopher.

What is that a picture of? I can't quite understand it.
Don't let your first visit to The Black Fist Blog, be your last.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

To Anonymous:

I don't know anything about that. All I know is what was reported in the Jacksonville paper.

Where did you get your information from?
And why would blacks give other blacks a noose?

Feel free to answer at your leisure.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!