Thursday, November 6, 2008


Let us all come together in giving a great big resounding GOODBYE to The Palin Hillbillies of Wasilla.
To the Governor of Iceland Sarah Palin and her whole brood, we say GOOD RIDDANCE!

And with a big hope & a prayer that we NEVER have to see your face again!
God just don't like ugly, and your ugliness came from the inside and flowed right out of your uninformed race prejudice lying mouth!

That's why the McBush/Palin ticket LOST the election!
Race Prejudice, Falsehoods, LIES and a highly unqualified uninformed hillbilly trailer park broad named SARAH PALIN!

And Sarahcuda, don't take out your anger and frustration at losing the election by picking up another high-powered rifle and savagely killing the moose, bears and wolves roaming happy and free in Alaska!
They did nothing to you.
They have a right to live too.

Final Thought: I wonder if that so-called "endorsement" from Shakir Tiron/Tiny Terry Lee/The Delegate somehow jinked Sarahcuda's vice-presidential ambitions. Naw, couldn't have that punk ain't that important. Shakir Tiron/Tiny Terry Lee/ The Delegate only professed to wanting to ANALLY RAPE Sarah Palin and do all sorts of nasty vile sick sexual acts with her. He is too stupid, dumb and ignorant to even understand politics.

Huh, seems like EVERYTHING Shakir Tiron/Tiny Terry Lee/The Delegate touches, or in this case desires to touch turns straight to shit!
Just an observation I decided to share with you, my faithful readers.


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