Friday, November 7, 2008


(In the 2nd photo: "Is that the way filthy Joy R. Rolland pursed her lips to spit in that Sheriff's Deputy's face?" The 1st photo/mugshot courtesy of the Hamilton County Justice Center)

Black Community Terrorist and convicted felon Joy R. Rolland is due back in another Hamilton County courtroom this morning. Rolland will appear before Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert C. Winkler for arraignment at 8:30 A.M. Rm.585. In the case where it was reported by Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies in a sworn affidavit that nasty Joy Rolland spit in the face of Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Sonya Tollinger back on October 23, 2008.

The Cincinnati Enquirer also ran this story.

Also revealed in court records, it appears filthy Joy has been ordered to by: "ENTRY COMPELLING DEFENDANT TO SUBMIT TO MEDICAL EXAMINATION FOR VENEREAL DISEASES PURSUANT TO SECTION 2907.27, R.C.".

After "medical examination(s) for Venereal Diseases", filthy crazy Joy is then ordered to reappear before Judge Robert C. Winkler on November 25, 2008., at 9:00 A.M. courtroom 380 for "DNC/DISPOSITION SCHEDULING CON". I am not a lawyer but I would assume at that time the results will be in on whether or not filthy spit wielding Joy exposed Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Sonya Tollinger to any transmitted Venereal Diseases which most certainly includes HIV/AIDS.

Spitting in a person's face used to be just a "nasty filthy disgusting thing to do". Now due to the AIDS epidemic, spitting in some one's face has become a DEADLY WEAPON!

If stupid is found through medical testing/examination to have HIV/AIDS could the charges against her be upgraded to attempted murder?
As the charge(s) against her should have been when crazy Joy hit her son's father with her 3,000 lb.-plus car leaving him lying in the middle of Cass Street in broad daylight damn near dead yet clinging to life back in October 2006.! That attempted murder by crazy Joy of her baby's daddy was witnessed by her scared-to-death trembling yet accepting of her ALL daughter's criminal behaviour, Alma D. Rolland and crazy's young son.
What a traumatizing event it must certainly have been for the young lad to have witnessed his enraged vicious hate-filled mama mowing his loving daddy down in an attempt to take him straight up off the planet Earth right before his very eyes!
We pray for the complete mental restoration of Bro. Damion Finnell and Crazy Joy Rolland's young son. I'm sure Bro. Damion being the loving patient caring father that he is will have his work cut out for him deprogramming all that filth, abuse, lies and hatred that young boy has been exposed to all his life living in the custody of his crazed bi polar mammy. Our prayers are with you too Bro. Damian and you know you have our complete support!
More updates on convicted felon and black community terrorist Joy R. Rolland will be forwarded straight to you , my faithful readers, as they come in.


6 comments: said...

I do feel sorry for her child. I hope they throw the book at that bitch!

Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

The topic of this thread is crazy Joy Rolland not the people you attempted to speak about. Even if that were true which I do not know it is, and quite frankly do not care one way or the other.

Stay on topic. I'm not trying to hear anything else.

Anonymous said...

I remember when she used to call Larry Arnett's show I wonder what Larry thinks now entertaining a full fledged psychotic nutcase like Joy Rolland? Hell even that racist nut Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW banned her from calling his show!

Anonymous said...

Nikki, you are no better because, you keep this in the forefront with ongoing fighting.Please don't call this informing us!!

General Nikki X said...

anonymous nov 12 8:17pm,

When it comes to Joy Rolland not a single person on this planet can advise me on how to proceed or how to deal with. Got it?

Now, if you don't like what I report regarding that filthy animal Joy Rolland and her crimes against black folks then I'd suggest you move on to the next website and the next newspaper because these stories can also be found in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Tell Kimball Perry not to report on that beast as you've attempted to tell me. And see how far you get.
FYI: Over here on The Black Fist Blog I run the show and I report on what needs to be reported on. PERIOD! Joy Rolland is a criminal who has publicly & repeatedly threatened myself and others. If I had not shown the restraint I've shown over the years there would be no Joy Rolland to report on. Believe that.

So your future comments are welcomed but not your advice.
Especially when it comes to a crazed incarcerated black community terrorist named Joy R. Rolland.

Thank You very much.