Saturday, November 1, 2008


(In the order for which it's shown pictured above: A Surprised Buckwheat. A Bridge To Nowhere. Terry Lee Summers holding a loaded shotgun in broad daylight on the streets of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.)

I asked the question back on October 20, 2008: WHY IS TERRY LEE SUMMERS STILL STALKING THE BLACK FIST BLOG?

That question has not been answered. Yet Tiny Terry Lee Summers the sexually frustrated stalking rejected illiterate loser and boyfriend of incarcerated convicted felon Joy R. Rolland continues to stalk this website.
It would appear Tiny Terry Lee is doing this damn near on an hourly basis.

What could drive a person such as Terry Lee Summers to not spend his valuable time applying for permanent employment to make some decent money to pay his rent, late fees & court cost to keep a roof over his gigantic rock hard head?
Tiny Terry Lee Summers has 11 bay-bays running around the earth that he has NEVER taken care of. This degenerate little black sum bitch in court under oath on September 8, 2008 swore to the Magistrate a picture of 2 of his bay-bays were NOT his. Admitting years ago that indeed they were. What kinda sick sum bitch is this clown named Terry Lee Summers?

Why is Terry Lee Summers's twisted sexual love/hate obsession with General Nikki X so deep-rooted and embedded within the frame of his tiny 5' 2 body that he's willing to be sit out along with all of his worldly possessions into the streets (the hard cold streets) of Cincinnati, Ohio in just a few short days (please remember to turn your clocks back November 2nd before 2 a.m.) for non-payment of rent to his landlord(s) over at Mutual Realtor LLC?

Why does Mini-Me Terry Lee pretend not to understand even after a Hamilton County Court Magistrate commanded him back on September 8, 2008., NOT to contact me... Mini-Me Terry Lee continues his attempts at contacting me? I can answer that one: Tiny Terry Lee DOES understand that what he is doing is against the Magistrate's direct command. The clown stated it clearly that he understood on the court record during the Criminal Protection Order/Sexual Stalking court proceedings. So it is abundantly clear Terry Lee Summers is thumbing his big wide nose at the Hamilton County Court system and its ruling(s). PERIOD!

I'll share with you, my faithful readers friends and supporters -- The little man known as " The Clown Formerly Known as The (very short lived, don't pardon the pun) Delegate with The Black Fist",-- with all of his continued CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES is simply riding on a one-way dead-end train on a.....




Anonymous said...

Terry Summers boy some fools just don't learn! Keep your head up X we gotcha babygirl! You know what it is

Anonymous said...

Keep updating General soon this too will shall pass.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck he doing with a loaded shotgun downtown? Who the fuck he gonna shoot?

General Nikki X said...

I don't know. Good question.. said...

Sister Nikki X this fool needs to be right where his girlfriend is. I read your spot daily and this crap has got to end at some point. The brothers ain't too happy right about now.
Peace my Sister

Anonymous said...

I always thought that guy the delegate or Terry Lee Summers was crazy whenever I see him in Walnut Hills talking to himself be careful cause it sounds like he is unable to trick a woman into having sex with him like a normal person so he resorts to threats and rape to get what he wants from a woman. It is absolutely clear to even a blind person that he is so facially ugly that no woman would give him the time of day and he has got to know it. Just be careful General. Just be careful.

Anonymous said...

That negro looks crazy as hell in that picture you posted I wondered the same thing he is he planning on shooting with that shotgun and it was way too funny what anonymous sunday nov 02 12:35 pm said! lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Short men like tiny terry always have a "little man complex" he probably just wish he could grow