Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Congratulations to the Supporters Against Issue 8 Proportional Representaion!
The Black Fist 2008 Election Endorsements listed a forceful resounding NO to Proportional Representation, P.R. as it's commonly called.

Our old friend George "Junebug" Beatty told me a long time ago, "General, in politics there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. Always remember that!" I thank dear Junebug for his words of advice and wisdom.

That is why today I am able to thank all those who joined The Black Fist Organization in helping defeat issue 8. We may not have worked directly together, but so what! We separately yet collectively reached the same goal.

First, we'd like to thank the Co-Chair of the Cincinnati Democratic Party Bro. Freeman McNeal on his tireless effort to spread the truth about P.R. and for staying strong in the face of vicious personal attacks.

Also, We'd like to Thank: Cincinnati Mayor Mark L. Mallory, Cincinnati City council members LaKeta Cole, & Cecil Thomas, our old friend former Mayor Dwight Tillery, our good friend WDBZ 1230 AM talk show host Ken Anderson, The Cincinnati Democratic Committee, The members of the Protect All Your Votes committee, Bro. Bishop E. Lynn Brown, The Cincinnati Black Panther Nation and its leadership, and of course the hardworking members of The Black Fist Organization and so many more!

No matter what you do in life it should be done with honesty and integrity, and without malice and revenge.

P.R. went down in flames for the most part due to the unsavory dishonest egotistical snide underhanded motives of one of the so-called proponents pushing the issue forward. Christopher Smitherman.

The voters of Cincinnati spoke loud and clear when in 2005 they choose NOT to re-elect Smitherman back to city council. The voters of Cincinnati spoke loud and clear yesterday when they chose NOT to vote for P.R., an issue put on the ballot and spearheaded by Christopher Smitherman.

Interestingly enough, it was stated in part today on 1230 AM WDBZ "The Lincoln Ware Show" by Smitherman that in the 2009 Cincinnati City council race, the incumbent candidates (as well as others who may file & run) must appear before the Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP at their long held 'Candidate's Night'. And they [the incumbents] will have to answer to the "leadership" of the NAACP and its membership as to why they did not support P.R. and the black community.

I wonder if the "leader" of the NAACP has ever taken his arrogant head out of the clouds long enough to ask himself: Maybe the voters of Cincinnati do support the NAACP as a whole, as a historical organization.....




The truth will be the truth no matter who likes or not.
And the truth can STAND on its own.



Anonymous said...

Right on Sister Nikki X right on!! I couldn't agree with you more. I voted against issue 8 because it was too confusing even after I read the ballot language 4 different times then I listened to Ken Anderson's show when he expose Christopher Smitherman's deception regarding the mayors race. I heard the explainations given I just quite frankly didn't believe them. Christopher Smitherman pushed this thing just to get back on council. It didn't work.
Thank you for your work in the community and the black fist endorsements.

Anonymous said...

You see, Nikki, when you write a straight-forward piece like this, I say, right on! This sister needs to be heard more. She's got a plan.

But then I scroll down and see your sadism with Joy Rolland and I say, "That's no good. That's political suicide."


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Nikki -- helping to keep in place 9x elections that has elected two African Americans out of nine seats, and allows big money and party insiders to control nearly every person who gets elected. You must feel really great about helping to defeat a system where black voters could have controlled their electoral destiny and almost certainly boosted their representation to four seats next year -- and four seats grounded in community support, not downtown money.

Defeating Issue 8 with 53% is hardly a mandate for this lousy system. You'll note that nearly the entire campaign was built around lies about PR rather than defending 9x.

General Nikki X said...

To our 3rd anonymous commenter,

To answer your question.
No. Actually I feel great about helping to defeat issue 8!

Thanks for your Comment.

P.S. It was the president of the NAACP pushing issue 8 and others. And it was those same misleading deceptive folks we saw on Channel 9 news the other night feebly attempting to explain why they were using President-Elect Obama's image and likeness on flyers and hand-out telling people to vote yes on 8 when it was brought to light by several officials of the Obama Campaign that Christopher Smitherman, the NAACP and those supporting issue 8 and those responsponsible for the distribution of those flyers (Smitherman & the NAACP) did NOT have permission to do so.

Now whose campaign was really "built around lies" again?

Anonymous said...

The flyers didn't come close to saying Obama supported Issue 8. They said proportional representation was essential to his nomination, which is absolutely true. The Channel 9 piece was corporate media hackery at its worst -- on the "Jeff Berding network."

Meanwhile, Berding and his lackeys liked about how PR works, how much it costs to implement, how it impacts African American representation and on and on. And you were right there beside him, standing up for winner-take-all elections that make downtown money supreme and white votes supreme.

General Nikki X said...

My goodness "anonymous" Nov 7, 2:17am,
You sound like a crybaby sore loser if ever I've heard one. Your side lost. Get over it.
Your previous comment disagreed with our position yet held at least some intellectual discourse. While your second comment reached for so many straws I'm not quite sure what to address first.

So I'll just cut to the chase:
1. Maybe you don't realize it so I'll talk slowly. It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what "channel" the report on the deception and deceit of Christopher Smitherman and the NAACP using the image and likeness of President-Elect Obama was on. The bottom line was it was ON. I mentioned seeing it on Channel 9 news because that's the last station the report ran before the election when in truth in ran on all the local news networks.
And if as you claim Channel 9 is the "Jeff Berding network", then it must be the "Christopher Smitherman network" as well. Since both Berding and Smitherman were on Channel 9 several times each explaining their postions for and against P.R.

2. I'd suggust you go back and read the entry once more. I stated in part that, "...In politics there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies...". Which is true. So your point is what?

3. You stated "You were standing right next to him". (referring to Jeff Berding)
Once again go back and re-read the entry. I wrote in part "That is why today I am able to thank all those who joined The Black Fist Organization in helping defeat issue 8. We may not have worked directly together, but so what! We separately yet collectively reached the same goal."
Bottom line in response to what you said: Jeff Berding "stood" right wherever he "stood". And The Black Fist Organization "stood" right where they "stood".
Separate yet collective.
Defeating issue 8.

3. You said "The flyers didn't come close to saying Obama supported issue 8".

Now that's interesting considering your leader Christopher Smitherman couldn't stay off the radio & whatever television stations allowed him some face time telling the people ad nauseam how then Sen. Obama won his party's nomination under P.R. comparing it to what he was pushing here in Cincinnati. And going so far as to attempt to play to people's emotions and support of Obama by saying, "If you support Obama for president then how can you not support they way he won his party's nomination under P.R.

Then after facts where brought to light by several people who do more researching than loud mouthing and it was revealed the Chicago method of P.R. was NOT the same as what Smitherman was pushing here in Cincinnati -THEN AND ONLY THEN- Did Smitherman switched up and was forced to admit, "Obama won under a FORM OF P.R." Oh! So now it's a "FORM" of P.R.
When that's not what he was spewing in the begininng.
Why didn't Christopher Smitherman tell the truth from the jump and let the people know that the method of P.R. Sen. Obama won his party's nomination under in Chicago was NOT the same form of proportional represention [method] he was attempting to push here in Cincinnati?
It appears Christopher Smitherman is the con man/deceiver, not I.

4. You stated in part "..standing up for winner-take-all elections that make downtown money supreme..".
Now I'm sure you are a Smitherman cult kool-aid drinker.
You had the nerve to write I make downtown money? That's laughable and believe me as I type this I am laughing.
Allow me to explain something to you that you probably already know but will never accept:

CHRISTOPHER SMITHERMAN HAS MADE MORE MONEY FOR THE WHITE MAN IN DOWNTOWN CINCINNATI, OHIO THAN ANY OF THE ORGANIZATIONS AGAINST P.R. EVER WILL. (and for the record I used caps only so you wouldn't have trouble reading my words. I wasn't yelling dear commenter)

Getting back to the facts: Christopher Smitherman has a history of making the white man money by his constantly breaking the economic boycott of downtown Cincinnati. One mintue he's hollering, screaming and so-called railing AGAINST the white man. The next mintue he shopping & spending money, eating in restaurants spending money, and bringing big conventions and the like into the boycott zone [making millions of dollar for] the white man. Yet telling black folks since a couple of negroes made some crumbs it was ok.
I ask you to produce one photograph of General Nikki X and/or The Black Fist Organization in downtown Cincinnati spending money, laughing it up/hobbknobbing and making the white man MILLIONS? You can't. Because we haven't. But we can produce several photographs of Christpher Smitherman BREAKING the boycott:
-- while a 1-term councilman
-- after he was kicked off council
-- as a private citizen (between plotting his next move post-council)
-- a certainly after he highjacked and took over the NAACP.

NEWSFLASH: You can't take the white man's money and/or do everything in your power to make the white man RICH, while at the same time claiming to "fight against" the white man.
And that's what the chief proponent of issue 8 has been doing ever since he stepped into the public eye. Playing both ends to the middle. Claiming out of his loud mouth to be for what's right while his actions and deeds were the exact opposite.

ANOTHER NEWSFLASH: Smitherman can't claim to fight AGAINST Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters while taking Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deter's money.

That would make him a what? Yep, a HYPOCRITE!

Oh and one more thing about issue 8proportional representation:
If I was "standing up for winner-take-all elections" (as you stated) then so were 60,942 other voters in the City of Cincinnati "standing " right there with me.

I truly enjoyed this discourse with you regarding the defeat of issue 8.

Thanks for your comment.
And Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

"AS much as i like Chris Smithermann, " he was wrong about this one and i hope he realize it.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article in the enquirer today? Chrissy Smitherman is in there whining as usual because PR lost. Just like he did when he felt the gays let him down after he was rejected in 2005 by not being re-elected to city council. Funny how it's always somebody else's fault that Chrissy Smitherman is a big FAILURE.

Burt said...

Even though the Issue 8 campaign tried to name-drop Obama's name in their campaign literature, it still failed miserably.