Monday, November 3, 2008


Black community terrorist, convicted felon and filthy spit wielding animal Joy R. Rolland is appealing her 6 month contempt of court charge.

Judge Melissa A. Powers back on September 24, 2008 convicted and sentenced crazy Joy to 6 months in the Hamilton County Justice Center on 6 counts of contempt of court. Originally in court for a hearing on bond revocation for twice violating an order of protection and menacing by stalking, for which Judge Powers decided not to revoke Crazy Joy's bond. Deciding instead to order stupid Joy to [once again] stay away from Nikki X, abide by the previous order(s) of protection and ordered [once again] to not mention the name of / threaten Nikki X during her silly 1 hour bullshit public access TV show.

Once the Judge's orders were given and court was adjourned, crazy bi polar Joy Rolland stands up, does her best Norma Desmond impression, throws her cheap Family Dollar Store looking sweater around her fat neck stares directly at Nikki X and boldly declared, "Happy Justice You Bitch!"

The rest, of course is history. Crazy Joy goes-- how should I say this? Ahh yes plainly I suppose -- goes B-U-C-K W-I-L-D C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

And in her own words to Judge Powers "LET'S IT RIP"!

Bottom Line: Crazy bi polar is currently incarcerated for a period of 6 months on 6 counts of contempt of court. 1 month/30 days for each citing of contempt against the court.

Now after catching ANOTHER case while incarcerated here comes crazy convicted felon Joy Rolland's public defender Arica L. Underwood filing 6 separate motions to appeal Judge Powers ruling(s) of contempt.
Joy Rolland has absolutely NO RESPECT for the law whatsoever and it was witnessed that day by her own public defender Arica L. Underwood!

Anyone who was in that courtroom that faithful day on September 24, 2008 knows Judge Powers did the right thing by citing, convicting and throwing the proverbial book at that loud mouth terroristic crazy bitch and slapping her with 6 months in the slammer to run consecutively!

However, in these United States a citizen of this country has the right to file and appeal any courts ruling found disagreeable to the citizen/defendant in question.

In this particular case, Judge Melissa A. Powers was dead right in her decision, and the black community terrorist Joy Rolland needs to stay her 230 lb. ass right where she is.

Locked up behind bars like the animal she is!!!

We'd ALL be alot safer for it!

Stupid's next court hearing on this matter is: Tuesday, November 4, 2008. at 9:00 A.M. Rm 124 in the Hamilton County Courthouse 1000 Main St.
We don't make up the news!
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I agree you could drive a truck up through that snout!!!!!!!!!!!