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(Pictured above: 1. Elizabeth Fairbanks, widow of Pastor Donald Fairbanks & son Duane Roebuck. 2. Alleged killer of Pastor Fairbanks, Frederick L. Davis. 3. Murder victim Pastor Donald Fairbanks)
From Cincinnati.com
November 4, 2008
By Eileen Kelley and Jim Hannah
Suspect 'Obsessed'
ROSELAWN - Two bibles, one well-thumbed and the other brand new, sit opened at the keyboard of Rev. Donald Fairbanks' computer. Surrounding his desk are stacks of devotional tapes and CDs that explore topics such as faith, forgiveness and love.
Elizabeth Fairbanks sits on a nearby couch and stares. Her eyes are tired, voice strained with laryngitis.
One floor below in the family's Tudor home in Roselawn are sounds of people entering and leaving the house. It's been that way since Saturday, when the pastor was gunned down, allegedly by a man Elizabeth Fairbanks and court records describe as obsessed.
Police say Frederick Davis of Covington ambushed the pastor and Deacon Dowdell Cobb on Saturday outside the Ninth Street Baptist Church in Covington, where during a funeral Davis was delivering some papers to relatives of 71-year-old Alice Turner, who recently died.
Cobb was still in University Hospital on Monday. Fairbanks was pronounced dead at a Kentucky hospital Saturday.
He will be buried this Saturday. His wife of 17 years will wear an intricate champagne dress, an anniversary gift her husband gave her a day before he died. She was to wear it to church when her husband was preaching, not to his funeral.
"I'll get through this," she said, explaining that the lessons her husband taught her about faith, forgiveness and love hopefully will carry her through her grief.
The stormy relationship between her husband and Davis goes back at least three years, Fairbanks said. She said Davis first called her in August 2005. She described the conversation as telephone harassment and said there would be much more to follow over the years.
In one call, he claimed her husband was away with his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had two children, and that he wanted her to feel the same pain that he did. Fairbanks had denied the allegation.
Elizabeth Fairbanks said Davis always seem to call when he knew her husband was away on church business.
Close to two years later, she stood before a judge and cried when she asked for a protection order against Davis.
The judge, she said, asked why she was crying.
She was embarrassed, she says she told the judge; it was her first time in a courtroom.
"I prayed no one would see me in the courtroom," the late pastor's wife said.
As Fairbanks lay dying Saturday, his wife sat and waited at their family church across the river in the West End.
A church meeting was to get under way with leaders of the New Saint Missionary Baptist Church, and Fairbanks wasn't answering his phone.
"I knew something wasn't right," she said.
If Fairbanks had a fault, it was not letting go of an issue and always trying to find peaceful, Christ-like resolution, Elizabeth Fairbanks said.
"He preached against violence, being rude and not forgiving," she said. 'But death took him at these kinds of hands."
Davis was obsessed, she said.
She changed her phone number. She filed police reports.
He was relentless, she said.
She said her husband often worried that she would be the victim, though he knew he wasn't safe. Just a few weeks ago, Elizabeth Fairbanks said Davis showed up at a West End funeral. Both men filed police reports, Elizabeth Fairbanks said, although efforts to obtain them from the Cincinnati Police Department were not successful on Monday.
"The signs were all there," she said of Davis' alleged obsession.
Davis' former girlfriend, Pamela Sanders, tells a similar story, according to court documents.
Sanders was at her grandmother's funeral in Covington on Saturday when Davis allegedly showed up shooting.
Sanders told authorities as early as February that she was frightened by Davis' threats and erratic behavior, according to court records.
Davis, 40, appeared before Kenton County District Judge Ann Ruttle on Monday on charges of murder, assault, criminal mischief and violating a protection order.
He remains in the Kenton County jail after Ruttle refused to set bond.
Though Davis did not enter a plea, his attorney, Dennis Alerding Jr., indicted that he would plead not guilty to the charges.
A preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 12.
Kenton Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders, no relation to Pamela Sanders, said he will seek a murder indictment in the next 60 days.
Pamela Sanders got a protection order against Davis in February when he allegedly showed up at her daughter's basketball game and allegedly assaulted Sanders.
Davis reached into Sanders' car while she was parked outside a school gym, grabbed her mobile phone and broke it, according to court records. Sanders told investigators that Davis then grabbed her by the neck and tried to pull her from the car.
"This activity makes me scared because I feel like I can't go anywhere," Sanders wrote in a report.
Davis figured out how to reconfigure cell phone chips - called phone cloning - so calls meant to be blocked could be received, Sanders claimed in court records.
"This is just a small number of things that he does on a daily basis," she wrote. "but I guess I really saw how much I was really in danger the night he showed up at my daughter's school.
He was charged with violating a protection order in May when he picked up his 13-year-old daughter after school even though he had no custody or visitation rights.
When Sanders went to Davis' home to pick up her daughter, Davis ran out to her and tried to open the door, according to court records.
Davis then crashed his car into Sanders' 2008 Ford Edge when she drove up to the neighbor's house, according to court records.
Davis had threatened to shoot and kill people before, according to court records.
Davis was charged with felony wanton endangerment in May 2005 after he threatened a woman with a gun and tried to ram her with his pickup truck in Covington. The woman is not named in this case. The woman told investigators Davis punched her in the chest two or three times and said he was going to kill her.
The wanton endangerment charge was dismissed after Davis completed mediation.
Visitation for Fairbanks will be 5-9 p.m. at the New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, 1907 Freeman Ave., West End. Services are 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Southern Baptist Church, 3556 Reading Road, Avondale.
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I don't give a shit who likes it or not. Allow me to repeat that: I don't give a shit who likes it or not! I will NOT become a victim of two crazed muthafuckahs who are just as "obsessed" as the crazy negro Frederick L. Davis the 'alleged' stalker/killer of Pastor Donald Fairbanks.
Protection Orders aren't worth the paper it's written on! I know that as others who have sought out & obtained them very well know! However, it is a step toward (at least on paper) protecting one's self and can legally help a victim in court say a criminal offense takes place on one's person.
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The end result of all the stalking, threatening, harassment and gun pulling by Kabaka on Howard ended on April 12, 2006 when Howard feeling as if he was left with no other choice to protect his life, shot Kabaka and 3 days later on April 15th he [Kabaka] was pronounced dead.
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I asked for peace. I was bought war.
Our Condolences go out to the wife, family, friends, and church members of Pastor Donald Fairbanks. We would also like to wish Deacon Dowdell Cobb a full and speedy recovery.
We wish 'alleged' killer Frederick L. Davis well in hell!!!


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Damn X! That was a deep article you wrote babygirl be safe Queen shit I'm here & you know what it is! Peace!

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Be safe sister that sick son-of-a-bitch will get his in the end! Black Power!