Saturday, November 1, 2008


(Pictured above: Hamilton County Prosecutor Joesph T. Deters, Black Community Terrorist Joy Rolland and you get the jest of the rest)
(Joy Rolland's official mugshot photo provided courtesy of the Hamilton County Justice Center)
According to court records, Hamilton County Justice Center inmate, black community terrorist, EX-Media Bridges public access TV show "host" and all around loser Joy R. Rolland was indicted Friday, October 31, 2008. The indictment, a FELONY, could hold some significant time (my sources tell me up to 3 years) in prison.
Court records also indicate that the Grand Jury will bring its reported finding before a Judge on Monday, November 3, 2008. at 10:30 a.m. in Justice Center courtroom A.
I last reported on this story in a blog entry titled: INMATE JOY ROLLAND SPITS IN THE FACE OF A HAMILTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY'S FACE! (see entry dated: October 27, 2008.)
Crazy Joy received a bond of $10,000 cash at 10% for this additional charge.
-- Crazy Joy already incarcerated on a 6 months Contempt of Court charge.
-- Already incarcerated for 6 months on Telecommunication Harassment.
-- Already facing Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert C. Winkler for violating the conditions of her 3 year probation.
Crazy Joy Rolland plead guilty and was convicted by Judge Winkler back on January 27, 2007.
In the case where she attempted to murder her only child's father with her car.
And now a Felony Indictment for spitting in the face of a C.O. (Corrections Officer) at the Jail where she is current housed and incarcerated on the above aforementioned criminal offenses.
It would appear to myself and EVERY OTHER PERSON who has ever been terrorized taunted harassed constantly lied upon slandered defamed and constantly stalked by this obviously deranged
(yet Crazy Joy was found legally competent on October 15, 2008., by a court appointed medical profession in the field to stand trial. The technical term is called an "Emergency Clinic" hearing) ignorant crazy clown that this month will truly be a....
*** What's it called?
*** Let me think...?
*** Oh Yeah!!!
That's what it's called...


Anonymous said...

A white person would never be charged with terrorism for spitting. That's Hamilton County justice. But since you have a personal beef with her, it's okay that this justice isn't equal.

General Nikki X said...

Read BEFORE you comment. Go back and this time slowly read the entry before you. No where in that entry did I write the person in question was "charged with terrorism for spitting".
And for the record - I have a "personal beef" with anyone who has enough heart to get out here in the public time & time again and declare with a twisted smile on their face that they want me dead.

"Justice" is keeping a rabid dog like Joy Rolland behind bars before [by her own hands] she actually kills someone as she used her car in an attempt to kill her son's father.

Thanks for your comment however uninformed it was. said...

It surely is a "a happy november"! May she rot right where she is for all the hell she's put you through for nothing!
Peace my Sister

Anonymous said...

Joe Deters is wrong on most decisions he makes regarding the black community but in this case Joe Deters we support you and beg that you thrown the book at that bitch ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To anonymous you oughta be ashamed of yourself Nikki X amongst a whole lot others are the V-I-C-T-I-M-S here not crazy Joy Rolland. Remember that the next time if want to offer your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Nikki X I support Joe Deters on this issue throw the book at her ass!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn that's a ugly picture of JR that tramp is done! JR is one ugly broad

Anonymous said...

Joe Deters PLEASE throw the book at that menace to society! We'll all be alot safer for it!!!!!!!!!!!!