Tuesday, November 4, 2008


(Depicted above is a little itty bitty teeny weeny black clown. Same height as the real life little itty bitty teeny weeny Cincinnati black clown Terry Lee Summers)

The handwriting's on the wall. But who is too stupid dumb & ignorant to read it? Yep you guessed it! Shakir Tiron, I mean Tiny Terry Lee Summers.

Who is still stalking The Black Fist Blog biting material, attempting to leave nasty vile comments, lifting & doctoring photos and taking comments straight from our comment section? Yep you guessed it silly Shakir Tiron, I mean Tiny Mini-Me Terry Lee.

Who's the sexually frustrated reject from society who lives and breathes General Nikki X, her every move & every word? Yep you guessed it! Shakir Tiron, I mean Tiny Terry Lee Summers.

Who's the sick son-of-a-bitch who's skating on ice so damn thin one can see the bottom of the pond? Yep that's right! You guessed it once again! Shakir Tiron, I mean Stupid Terry Lee Summers.

By any other name -and this illiterate bastard has plenty of 'em- is mentally screwed up in the head. Whether its:

1. Terry Summers

2. Shakir Tiron

3. Little Desperado for Nikki X

4. The Delegate

5. (stealing & using the name of deceased) Kabaka Oba

6. Markeita Jones

7. Coodommah Rahsue

8. Terry Lee The Cop Killa

9. Herbanleague

10. Yehoshauh Katahali

... With The Exception Of -Terry Lee Summers- All Of The Above Are CRIMINAL ALIAS!!! Just To Name A Few!

This criminal element with the sick twisted sexual perversions, an over sized gigantic rock hard head and a patchwork haircut is one crazy deranged outta control broke ass black loser.

This stupid clown Shakir Tiron also known as The Delegate legal name Terry Lee Summers wants General Nikki X so bad he's willing to risk it all in an attempt to fulfill his nasty sexual pedophilia type ambitions toward her. Shakir Tiron a.k.a. The Delegate a.k.a. Tiny Terry Lee Summers the repressed ugly ass 5' 2 200 lb. midget who is about to be sit out in the streets from his residential rundown shack at 825 William Howard Taft Road Apt. 36 in a few short days (don't pardon the pun) continues to stalk, harass, taunt, torment, sexually seek out, and obsess over Nikki X. 7 days a week, 31 days a month and 365 days a year! General Nikki X, a woman who couldn't give a hot damn about Mini-Me Terry Lee in this life or the next. Never Have. Never Would. And Never Could!

Nikki X is NOT alone in the sexually perverted madness lurking inside the deranged mind of Shakir Tiron/Terry Lee Summers.

Tiny Terry Lee Summers has publicly confessed, and it was brought out in court through his own emails signed by him, that this little black sum bitch wants to "Stick my d**k up Gov. Sarah Palin's creamy white a** and nut all over her white creamy back. I[Shakir Tiron/The Delegate/Terry Lee Summers] support Sarah Palin for vice-president!"

Shakir Tiron, The Delegate -OR- Terry Lee Summers... By Any Other Name He's "One Sick Twisted Fuck"!!!

NOTE: As I have previously reported, a Hamilton County Magistrate ordered Tiny Terry Lee back on September 8, 2008 to stay away from me & leave me alone. Yet this sick twisted black bastard refuses to comply with the courts strict order. So now.....

This is an update on a lunatic stalker by the name of Terry Lee Summers (Date of Spawn 12/26/1959). I promised you my faithful readers, supporters and friends that I would continue my online blogging in regards to the daily criminal activities of Tiny Terry Lee Summers, as his criminal activities persist. I have and will continue to keep my promise. There are those of you in the hood and surrounding areas who are extremely angered by this bastard terrorizing me with threats of sexual brutality & etc. Those of you who want to step in & help, I say thank you beloved dear brothers but that will not be necessary. Because...

Tiiiii- i -eh- iii is on our side...YES IT IS!




Anonymous said...

That little bitch n**** wouldn't fuck with man like he doing you! That punk needs to get taught a serious lesson about stalking a black female!
Word I'm out!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...

Thank you brothers but I can't allow what you attempted to post to be posted. The Black Fist Blog and The Black Fist Organization advocates peace and self-defense when necessary.
Thank you for your care and concern for safety and well-being of the General.

Peace & Blessings Beautiful Brothers,

Nikki X

Anonymous said...

"Sahkir Tiron" now that's funny! I always thought that guy was gay

Anonymous said...

And the dude just won't stop! He is a certified crazy sick minded poisoned soul foolish chump that needs serious mental, and spiritual help. Nikki X I am with, and for YOU 210%. JT

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for your valuable words and support!
The enemy (unfortunately) comes in all forms, shapes, and colors and this particular enemy of black people, freedom, righteousness, and liberation is a disgrace to every good decent freedom fighting Most High fearing black man to ever walk the face of this planet Earth.

I thank the Most High God that our dearly departed from the Earth brother and revolutionary General Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad (whose 64th Earthday is today January 12th) is not here to see the ungodly wickedness and twistedly perversed sexually warped sickness of this unrelenting little (in height & in education) stalker as the one mentioned in this blog post entry.

In any event, this sick bastard will be dealt with and all of my troubles will finally be over. I will be able to never again think of this mentally ill sick lonely deformed outcast to this organization -AND- society.
For the stalker will have been neutralized...
For Good.

Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation!!!

General Nikki X said...

In my comment to JT, I expressly revealed what my sick stalker mentioned in this blog post entry is an enemy of. How could I have left out that...


Because this stalker ONLY stalks the black woman.

In any event, I feel his days of sick sexually twistedness becoming shorter and shorter (no pun intended) then eventually at at once coming to an...