Thursday, February 2, 2012


(1st pictured above is Hollywood movie actress - the white man's beauty alleged dope fiend Demi Moore. 2nd picture a depiction of one of our own. A True Beauty)

You know it's a damn shame that every time we as blacks turn on the idiot box called "television", we are bombarded by so-called "breaking news" accounts that some white woman so-called Hollywood starlet is missing, getting married, getting divorced, getting butt, breast, and lip implants or is hooked on drugs.

This blog entry is about the latter.

Here we go again!!! Another white woman who appears by all accounts to have it all is so fucked up over her life that she is allegedly sniffing a common household product that probably cost no more than $4.99 with a coupon at The Family Dollar Store. And something (this common household product) you'd normally hear about the average white (financially well-off) youth undercover junkie would sniff. But this time it is not your average young white financially well-off undercover junkie youth, it's Hollywood actress & white man's beauty Demi Moore!
Yes brothers & sisters AmeriKKKa's sweetheart and according to the big white man in Hollywood, one of the world's most "beautiful" women, Demi Moore is allegedly a junkie dope fiend.

Now I don't wanna go to deep into Demi's business cause "frankly my dear I don't give a damn"! My point today is to do what I do best (at least in my opinion ;-), and that is to show the obvious stark contrast between white AmeriKKKa's treasured Hollywood "beauty" and Black AmeriKKKa's in deed for a true fact beauties.....

The true Hollywood black beauties who were hooked on drugs -YET- we probably didn't hear about them because we don't own mass national media outlets. We don't own mass national news publications. We don't own the necessary outlets to broadcast what we want, when we want, how we want to showcase our own beautiful black women and beautiful black men and tell their stories.... The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Brothers and sisters, today we here at The Black Fist Blog will show you 5 beautiful black women of Hollywood stature (courtesy of that did NOT get special treatment from the white-controlled media & press corp., to have their beautiful black faces plastered day & night out here before us with abiding sympathy, love, mercy, get-well wishes and most of all resources to get the help they need to recover from the evil wickedness of drug abuse.

Oh! But trust know and believe Demi Moore will receive all the necessary resources, help, doctors, specialist, outpouring of love, mercy (from the national media & the white man in general), get-well wishes along with mass excuses for why she's hooked on dope in the first place. And most importantly Demi Moore will receive opened arm smiles and welcomes as she enters into some fancy plush hella-expensive lavish REHAB Treatment Facility!

Brothers & Sisters, please click the link below and you will see 5 intelligent ambitious talented gorgeous educated black beauties who did NOT receive all of that, and sadly NEVER made it to anybody's rehab.

May Those 5 Beautiful Black Beauties and All The Countless Other Beautiful Black Women Who Fell Victim To The Evil Wickedness Of Drug Abuse Forever Find Peace & Rest In It!

Please Click Here:Demi Moore Overdoses! 5 Black Beauties That Didn’t Make It to Rehab | Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business & Politics

Hey Brothers & Sisters, how did you feel seeing those beautiful black beauties and reading their tragic plights & battles with drug abuse? How did you feel knowing that if we had to wait on whitey to hip us on to what's really happening with us we'd still be in the dark stumbling around knocking into walls waiting on information about our own!
And probably still thinking some of those sisters were still here amongst us?

I will end this blog entry as I started this blog entry.... It's a damn shame!!!

Until next time.....




Anonymous said...

Nikki X you way to funny but that is true I haven't even heard of that first sister the model and she was pretty wow! great post keep them coming I am soooo your are back!

Sis. Rachel Is'rye'el

Anonymous said...

Demi Moore dumb white bitch them white hoes always ingesting some kind of narcotic! thanks for posting about the other sisters who were hooked on drugs most of them I'd never heard of.

Unknown said...

I Love the Racial ignorance on this post. Drug addiction knows no boundaries. Only the human race does that. It is your responsibility to be responsible. No matter what race, creed or color. Educate yourself and be a better person for it. Stop asking for help and help yourself. You would be amazed at what you are cappable of if done in a positive manner instead of creating a breeding ground for hate, like this blog does.

General Nikki X said...

And I love racist ignorant commenters who can't handle the truth about their own junkie white folks!

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Unknown said...
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