Friday, October 3, 2008


Last night we saw the first and only vice-presidential debate. Democratic vice-presidential running mate Joe Biden and Republican vice-presidential running mate Sarah Palin (known forever on this blog as "Sarahcuda") went to speak.

Below is a video of these two potential vice-presidents. Originally a 90 plus minute debate, this video will show in 10 minutes the flow of the entire debate. In these 10 minutes you will basically get the jest of what the rest of the 80 plus minutes of debate was all about.

Our question today is: "WHO WON THE DEBATE"?

Who do you feel will best serve your interest if something should take the president out and one of these two people must step into the role of President of the United States? Who is more competent to intellectually get the job done and won't sound like the headstart dropout buffoon we've been forced to endure these last torturous 8 years?

Is it Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware -or- Gov. Sarahcuda of Iceland?
You decide.

Let the games begin!

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