Sunday, October 12, 2008


LOL!!!!!! Well, Well, Well, this just ain't been Saracuda's best week folks!

--First she gets protested big time by protesters dressed as "Joe-Six Pack" as she arrivals for a McCain/Palin fundraiser at a rich man's home in Indian Hill [Cincinnati, Ohio]....
(see blog entry below this one: JOE-SIX PACK SAY NO! TO SARAH PALIN)


--The self-proclaimed "hockey mom" Sarah(cuda) Palin gets boo'd by the crowd as she drops the puck at the NHL Flyers - Rangers Season Opener on October 11, 2008. Sarahcuda's bolstering self-proclamation of being a "hockey mom" made that booing even that much more funnier!

Wait a Mintue! What was even funnier was that was the introduction Sarahcuda received before she came out onto the ice to drop the puck.

It went something like: "Introducing The Number 1 Hockey Mom in America"...
Then Sarahcuda gets boo'd right in front of her two children Willow and Piper!

What a way to go Sarahcuda. Even the people you claim to represent...DON'T EVEN WANT YOU!

(and aren't you, my faithful readers, just a little sick & tired of looking at this dingbat's kids?)

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