Monday, October 20, 2008


Rudy Ray Moore - The man who was the "King of The Party Records" and who starred in the motion picture "Dolemite" and its sequel "The Human Tornado" died yesterday October 19, 2008 at the age of 81.
More on Bro. Rudy Ray's life and legacy later right here on The Black Fist Blog.
(I personally know the son of Bro. Rudy Ray Moore I'm hoping to get an exclusive interview with him on the life and legacy of his father expressly for our readers here at The Black Fist Blog.)
Our condolenses go out to the family and friends of Bro. Rudy Ray Moore.

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Anonymous said...

give thanks,girl dolemite was a!lright .i was saddened to see that here it is july,2009 and im just getting back to the mighty blackfist blog of the great general queen.i'm even more saddened that nobody evidently knew DOLEMITE.HE WAS DEFINITELY WORTH A SHOUT OUT SO HERE TO YO DOLEMITE,SHOWING THE BLACK FUTURE TO THOSE WHO WERE PAYING ATTENTION.ATTENTION.THANKS,PEACE