Friday, October 31, 2008


DeBarge -- Now who can forget that musical singing family from the 1980's?

In our eighth edition of -Friday Flashback To The Past- we go back to 1983 with not one but two hits from Debarge's hit album, "In A Special Way" .

In the first video, you'll flashback to the hit "Stay With Me".

In the second video, you'll flashback to the megahit "Time Will Reveal".

We know as it has been reported, our dear brother & lead singer of Debarge, Patrick Eldra "El" DeBarge has found himself in some hot legal trouble again and has been sentenced to 2 years in a California prison.

Regardless of all that, I betcha if DeBarge ever reunited they could tour again and make some really good money. Their fans I'm sure would welcome them back with open arms.

Sit back & Enjoy our eighth edition of Friday Flashback To The Past...
And dig on Debarge!

Until Next Friday Brothers & Sisters!


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Anonymous said...

Great songs great post! Keep it up sister.