Tuesday, October 7, 2008


(pictured above is an actual photo of Terry Lee Summers holding a loaded shotgun on the streets of downtown Cincinnati)

A couple of days ago, Terry Lee Summers the crazy pedophile midget and current boyfriend of Hamilton County Justice Center inmate Joy Rolland was seen stalking around a place where he knows General Nikki X frequents in her course of work.

A Cincinnati Police Officer who happened to be on the scene was notified and the midget Terry Lee was ran off like the little cockroach that he is.
Terry Lee Summers was not arrested as he should have been, I suppose due to the fact the stalking little midget took off like he had a rocket in his little draws!

I give this update today to allow my faithful readers & supporters who are concerned about my safety & well-being a chance to know that Joy Rolland's boyfriend is still stalking me even while his crazy girlfriend is once again incarcerated on a 6 months contempt of court charge. Terry Lee Summers is itching to join his bi polar girlfriend behind bars, if he continues on in his love/hate/sexual obsessions for General Nikki X!

A court order of protection is in place against Terry Lee Summers for the next 3 years. Terry Lee Summers is to stay away from me and any place I happen to be. PERIOD! Terry Lee Summers is a dangerous threat and menace to society who has completely lost whatever natural mind he [may have] ever had. I can totally understand why his wife left him after all those sadistic physical beatings and harassment [by Terry Lee's own admission] he laid on her!

Once again I say ANYTHING or ANYONE that EVER comes in contact with Joy Rolland becomes a sick twisted crazy evil warped doomed individual!

In Terry Lee Summers' case Joy Rolland ONLY added to the deep-rooted psychosis that was ALREADY there.

(More updates on Terry Lee Summers will follow if this crazy muthafuckah keeps stalking/targeting me with his sick sexual desires and love/hate obsession... AFTER law enforcement officials arrest, handcuff and lock his dumb ass up where he needs to be. Right alongside his dangerously crazy girlfriend Joy Rolland (See Joy Rolland's Hamilton County Justice Center mugshot photo above). STOP NOW Terry Lee! I'm NOT playing with you!)

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Anonymous said...

Sister stay strong and keep on informing us. Shine the light on that cockroach and he'll keep running I can't understand what's wrong with psychopaths like the fool in this blog and that crazy fool that's in jail! BTW that's where that ho need to be
Peace sister