Monday, October 6, 2008


(pictured above: Witch Doctor & Personal Pastor to Republican vice-presidential running mate Sarah(cuda) Palin, Thomas Muthee)

In The 1st Video: Vice-presidential running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Preacher & Witch Doctor Thomas Muthee of The Wasilla Assemblies of God has openly admitted to forcing a "witch" to leave a village in Africa after [the witch] was accused of causing Traffic Accidents.

In The 2nd Video: A MUST SEE!
Preacher Thomas Muthee is at Republican vice-presidential Sarah Palin's church talking about 6 areas they need to infiltrate.

The First Aspect: SOCIETY
The Second Aspect: ECONOMICS
The Third Aspect: POLITICS
The Fourth Aspect: EDUCATION
The Fifth Aspect: THE MEDIA
The Sixth Aspect: GOVERNMENT

This whole thing is scary as hell!

And you white racist out there thought Pastor Jeremiah Wright was the biggest problem in the Universe?!?


Don said...


And can you believe that she publicly stated how John McCain should create political ads tying Obama to Rev. Wright?

Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

Don, I can believe it. Now isn't that the pot calling the kettle balck? Have you seen the "laying on of hands" video yet?