Friday, October 10, 2008


WOW! I can remember being a young girl and thinking what a beautifully powerful voice to come out of such a young girl. With Miss Stacy Lattisaw being just a few years older than myself, I was really taken with her sound. I can remember my cousin Jamie & I going up to Royal Skating Rink on Gilbert Ave. in Walnut Hills (I know some of y'all remember tha spot?!? ;-) and skating our little behinds off to Stacy Lattisaw's music and others of that time & jamming until it was time to "get our tails on home" Mother used to tell us (which was usually 'round 8:00-8:30 PM ;-)!

This edition of "FRIDAY FLASHBACK TO THE PAST 5", we revisit the lil girl with the big voice. This song is called "Miracles" from Stacy's 1983 album "Sixteen" (I know, I know but that's what they were called back then -- ALBUMS). You can also find this song and many many others on the CD "The Very Best of Stacy Lattisaw". I own a copy of that CD and play it quite often.

Let's take a trip back to 1983 and listen to Stacy Lattisaw singing her little heart out on "Miracles"!

Until Next Friday's Flashback....

Bonus Track: Little Michael Evans from the hit series "Good Times" also recorded an album (I know I know that's what they called them back then -- ALBUMS ;-) back in 1975 when he was just 14 years old called "When You're Young & In Love".

Here's a musical slideshow of 1970's hit television show "Good Times" while Ralph Carter who played the youngest child on the show "Michael Evans" sings "When You're Young & In Love" in the background. (You can see "Michael Evans" singing his hit song in the last episode of "Good Times" Season 3 called "The Rent Party". That particle episode was the last episode series star John Amos who played "James Evans" the father on the show was last seen. "James" died at the beginning of season 4. In my opinion with the exception of a few shows in season 4, 5 & the final season 6 combined, "Good Times" went completely down after dad "James" died)

Y'all Remember That Tragedy ;-(
I still do.


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