Monday, October 27, 2008


(Pictured above: All New Mugshot Photo of Crazy Joy Rolland, Hamilton County Justice Center Inmate)

October 27, 2008.

Inmate Accused of Spitting

Joy Rolland can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Her woes started when an ongoing battle spilled from television into real life. Then, during a hearing last month, the South Cumminsville resident's mouth landed her in jail for 180 days after a judge slapped her with six contempt charges when she wouldn't quit talking.

Less than four weeks into that sentence, Rolland was accused last week of spitting on a sheriff's deputy.

And that doesn't include her original charge: menacing the woman known as Nikki X, by stalking, telephone harassment and violating an earlier order of protection.

Rolland, 33, was also accused of chasing Nikki X in a car and threatening her on the public-access cable-television show Rolland hosts.

Rolland will return to court Monday for the spitting allegations, Deputy Sonya Tollinger filed a complaint, saying Rolland, an inmate at the Hamilton County Juster Center, spat in her face Thursday. Harassment by an inmate is a felony.

On Tuesday, a jury will decide her fate on the separate menacing charges.

Rolland is also known for her relationship with Kabaka Oba, a local activist who was gunned down in front of City Hall in 2006.

During the murder trial, George Beatty - brother of Howard Beatty, the man convicted of killing Oba - told sheriff's deputies that Rolland spit on him. A mediator was called in to intervene in that dispute.

I've said it before time & time again and I will continue to say it for as long as I live.

Joy Rolland is the reason Kabaka Oba was killed along with Kabaka's own threatening behaviour toward the Beatty family.

Kabaka Oba and Joy Rolland threatened the Beatty family, Lincoln Ware, Ken Lawson, Bro. Endure X, Bro. Nate Livingston, Little League Football Coach Donnie Coffer, Hamilton County Court Judge Melba Marsh's mother, Martha Marsh, myself and others.

Those threats were made public by the two of them.

Joy Rolland has a pattern and practice of using her 3,000 lb. plus vehicle as a deadly weapon.

Since I'm calling the roll & kickin' truth, let's set the record straight on the SNAKE:

Time and time again, on his WDBZ radio show, Christopher Smitherman attempts to spew vicious lies about a so-called "conspiracy" surrounding Kabaka Oba's death. What Smitherman fails to ever mention is he along with myself and others got a court ordered subpoena to testify for the defense, in other words testify FOR Howard Beatty.
-- Myself and others followed the law.
-- Myself and others responded to our court ordered subpoena.
-- Myself and others appeared in court.
-- Myself and others took the witness stand and testified.

Christopher Smitherman DID NOT do any of the above. He didn't even have the guts to show up at any time during the entire trial not even to "show support to Kabaka's family". Kabaka Oba, a man Smitherman claims only AFTER HIS DEATH to be such a "good friend". Yet instead, Christopher Smitherman had family members of Kabaka on his radio talk show AFTER the trial concluded. Then proceeded to do what he does best.... run his fucking mouth, talk that bullshit and grandstand!

Allow me to repeat that for those of you in the back:
Christopher Smitherman was issued a court ordered subpoena to testify FOR Howard Beatty in Kabaka Oba's murder trial -AND- Christopher Smitherman NEVER showed up in court! PERIOD!

So when he talks about George Beatty, Kenneth L. Lawson, Howard Beatty then eludes to "others involved" he needs to mention his own damn name!

Christopher Smitherman knew first hand how out of control and threatening Kabaka Oba had become dealing with the likes of crazy bi polar Joy Rolland. Christopher Smitherman to this day knows how dangerous and crazy Joy Rolland STILL is. Yet to hear him talk, it's always with an air of distance as someone would speak from the outside looking in. Yeah right! Christopher Smitherman was more on the inside of this whole mess surrounding Joy Rolland & Kabaka Oba threatening black folks than my finger is as close to my thumb!

"This whole mess"... Which ended in Kabaka being shot and killed.

If I sound angry today, it's because I am. Howard is in prison. And crazy Joy Rolland continued to harass, stalk and use Media Bridges public access television to terrorize myself and others. Now she's in jail on a 6 month contempt of court charge and spitting in the face of a Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy, just as she spit on George Beatty back in 2006!

And, her sick sexually obsessed crazy twisted midget stalking boyfriend Terry Lee Summers continues on what his crazy girlfriend started! Terry Lee Summers, a tiny dummy who hasn't learned a thing!

When and how this will all end? I don't know. Hopefully it will end by the courts in Hamilton County doing its job and finally issuing out justice!

I will conclude this update by stating:

If someone is gonna run their mouth talking that "conspiracy" bullshit on the radio then that same person needs to stop throwing rocks and hiding his own blood-soaked guilty hands.....

Yes you, Christopher Smitherman, Local President of the Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP, and tell the so-called "community" what role YOU played in the so-called "conspiracy" you like to talk loud about while really saying nothing at all!

As far as General Nikki X goes:

-- I will continue to tell the truth.
-- I will continue to expose the black liars and deceivers amongst us in our community.
-- I will continue to tell the truth about a political snake in a suit and crazed bi polar community terrorist.

-- AND--

I will continue to give updates regarding this case & others to you, my faithful readers, friends and supporters.

Thank You All For Your Prayers, Telephone Calls , Emails and Support!



Anonymous said...

Always appreciate the updates, Nikki. What are your thoughts on the situation with Kenny and Junebug? They're in a whole mess of trouble. Does that fit in here somewhere?

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for your comment "anonymous". The cases you referenced has nothing to do with the case mentioned within this blog entry.

Black Power!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you. But we all meet our fate in the end. And so will you.

General Nikki X said...

"anonymous" said...
"I feel sorry for you. But we all meet our fate in the end. And so will you."...

Oh really? And just how will I meet my end? Please sign your real name before you answer.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That bitch needs to be in prison not jail!

WXXX said...

Well, perhaps I've only caught Joy on her good days, but she doesn't strike me as the monster you portray. The public TV show persona is one thing, but the person in person is another.

I recall, a couple years back, after a rather volatile WAIF membership meeting, that she in fact was a voice of reason heading off what potentially could have turned into a race riot, after one hillbilly "waifer" called another of the African persuasion a "bossy bitch." I (white) tried calming the nerves on the one side as I noticed Joy was doing the same for the other. "Peacemaker" may seem an unlikely role for Joy, but on one occassion al least, that is what she was.

General Nikki X said...

Thanks WXXX for sharing your warm-hearted story, however you called it correctly. If that incident actually happened it was just "A - good day" to somehow benefit her own personal everchanging agenda at the moment.
Joy Rolland is a monster. PERIOD! I don't have to "portray" her as anything. Her own violent threatening behaviour "portrays" her as such.
Ask Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Sonya Tollinger if she's anything other than... a spit flinging violent crazed monster. Then ask Kabaka Oba about Joy Rolland..that's right he's dead due to his dealings with the likes of a crazed community terrorist "portrayed" by the felon herself, Joy Rolland!

Thank you for your comment and Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

I don't make up the news.
I report the news.

Anonymous said...

I made the first comment. I really would like your take on those folks, too. It seems as if a lot of these issues are just somehow interconnected. Do you think June and Kenny were somehow targeted for what they've done in the community? Nobody's really talking about this.

I agree that JR is one very troubled woman, and glad you're taking steps to keep her safely away from you. We need your voice.

Anonymous said...

I knew that bitch would go crazy in jail.

Anonymous said...

Well Nikki, it seems to me that you have a lot of anger in you and is only pointing the finger at other people. I think there are a lot of people that is wrong about a lot of things that happen but, pointing the finger is not the way to go.

Nikki, do you think you have some deep emotional, ill feelings toward Joy Rolland for being with General Kabaka and practicing her first amendment right?

General Nikki X said...

The first amendment of the United States which grants "freedom of speech" does NOT cover threatening speech.
Go back and read your constitution.

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

By the way if you didn't know:
-- Black Love comes and goes.
-- The Black Struggles Continues!
-- The Black Fist is Forever! said...

Oh Lord I wish that was her spitting on me that crazy ***** would know that would be the last time she ever spit on anybody else. I pray and hope whoever that officer is she puts her up under the jail for the max! And what if that tramp got HIV/AIDS? Yuck! I always knew she with nasty she looked like she stank! How Bro. Kabaka (RIP) ever got with that is still an unsolved mystery!
Peace my Sister