Thursday, October 9, 2008


Listen up folks! Even the women of Anchorage Alaska reject Sarah Palin (known forever on this blog as "Sarahcuda")

The Following Statement Comes From A Group Called CORRUPTION ERUPTION:

"Here are signs from the Anchorage Rally. The rest of the world needs to know this. Please tell them that Sarah Palin does not speak for many of us. And we're scared she's a Vice Presidential candidate. The song (if you talk too much my head will explode by People in Planes) is comment on both Sarah's campaign rhetoric, as well as the ultra-conservative and hate-mongering talk radio host who gave the rally organizers' personal phone numbers out to listeners. The organizers then received threatening phone calls."

--Sounds like if a person or group openly opposes Sarahcuda Palin, she organizes her 'people' to come after them with a VENGEANCE!--

NOTE: (An official ethics investigation(s) is still ongoing in Alaska against Governor Sarah Palin. Investigating whether Sarahcuda used her office of Governor of Alaska to have her brother-in-law, an Alaskan State Trooper UNLAWFULLY FIRED based on something PERSONAL within her family)

Check out the video below

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