Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last night saw the second presidential debate between Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

Below are videos of The so-called McCain/Obama "handshake" and video of McCain referring to Sen. Obama as "That One".

John Sidney McBush clearly has a visible disdain for Sen. Obama. McBush doesn't believe Sen. Obama is on the same level he is as a United States Senator nor as an educated intelligent man. It's nothing more than white arrogance/privilege/superiority from McBush right down front for all to see.

If you saw the debate last night, who do you think won?
If anyone.


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama clearly won the debate John Mccain or McBush as you so rightly calls him looked like he shouldve been in a nursing home instead of hobbling around on stage!

Anonymous said...

Who won? Who was relaxed, knowledgable, forthright, damned good looking and presidential? Obama. By contrast, who was angry, vague, distracted, and damned hideous looking? McCain. You tell me who won.