Tuesday, February 7, 2012


(The 1st picture is a burning heart on fire. The 2nd picture is the apartment Tiffany Lawson & her live-in domestic violence abusing boyfriend Kevin Ford Jr. shared on the day of the horrific incident. The 3rd picture is of Tiffany Lawson's burning smoldering clothes she frantically threw off her burning body before the EMT Unit arrived. The final picture is of Kevin Ford Jr. Tiffany's "man" & father of her baby entering a Cleveland Area Police vehicle under arrest, & apparently thinking that the shit he did is funny.)

In this, the fifth & final installment in our series: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN.

I thought it appropriate that I'd bring to you a story straight out the headlines from our own black community right up north from us in Cleveland, Ohio. This story is called : MISSION TO KILL ~ MAN SETS WOMAN ON FIRE

The story you will read and the video you will see is beyond shocking! But this IS what's going on in our black communities every other day of the week behind closed doors and sometimes not so closed doors.

Domestic violence is a very serious matter in our community, as those of you who have so faithfully followed our series from the beginning know by now. Today, we are putting a face on the black man domestic violence negro abuser, his victim the black woman, and sadly their innocent child together. This bullshit has got to stop! But it NEVER will as long as the black negro man of African descent continues to blame everybody under the sun, moon, and stars (including his victim) for HIS fucked up-isms, faults, drunkenness, uncontrollable rages, insecurities, and bullshit!

Yes brothers & sisters it is a sad sad day when a person can not and/or is unwilling to take responsibility for his or her own actions as an adult. When the black woman is wrong, she is wrong but she is not 9 out of 10 chances gonna come home and start beating the shit out of her black man.

However, when the black man is wrong, 9 out of 10 chances he refuses to even admit it. No! He has to find someone else to blame and scapegoat! And when the black man has an internal problem with himself due to whatever reason (cause for real it really doesn't even matter when he puts our physical well-being & safety in peril & in jeopardy) he comes home and commences to beating the shit out of his black woman! And for real, that black woman 9 out of 10 chances is ALL his black ass has got! She's in his corner: right, wrong or indifferent most times ... But even that is NEVER enough for the black man!

Brothers, I love you. I do. But when you are dead wrong you are just dead wrong! ~ PERIOD!

Final Thoughts From General Nikki X: I feel proud and blessed to be able to bring this five-part series: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN to you, the readers of The Black Fist Blog. It has educated me throughout the course of my research and writing, and hopefully it has educated and touched all of you. I know that we have gotten quite a few comments from our faithful readers both brothers and sisters regarding this subject. I chose not to answer or comment until the completion of the series. Now that we have come to the end. I will review and answer all of your comments. Also, Due to the high volume of emails and IMs (instant messages) I have received at: askgeneralnikkix@yahoo.com ~~ I feel there may be some follow-up blog entries accompanying this series. Trust me family, when I know what to do, how to do it, & when to do it ... So will all of you!

-- In Closing: I am proud to have been a facilitator of valuable, educational, and hopefully life-saving information. Please continue to feel free to post your comments and testimonials with your name or post anonymously, I do not care which one! As long as my beautiful black people can get the shit off their chest & feel a little better in the process. That is ALL that matters to me ... Not your name. --

I am extremely happy the following story posted below was picked up and carried nationwide with video. Because stories about our beautiful black women being brutalized and fucked up never reach the mainstream lame stream media ....

But this time .... Thank God it did!

(The story and video below comes to us courtesy of the AP wire, 19 Action News, and WorldStar HipHop. The words below are the words & emphasis/highlights of the AP & contributors to the story, and not the words of General Nikki X)


A mob from an Ohio Neighborhood was looking for Kevin Ford Jr. After he poured lighter fluid on his 31-year-old girlfriend Tiffany Lawson while she held their 18 month old son in her arms. Tiffany managed to throw her son out of a window right before her boyfriend set her on fire. .. Kevin immediately fled the scene. Lucky police found Kevin first.

Drenched in the flammable liquid Tiffany raced to an open second floor window closely followed by her boyfriend Kevin Ford Jr. Police said Lawson yelled out to a neighbor below who had heard her arguing with Ford and dropped her son to the ground. Seconds later she was set on fire by Ford.

Lawson managed to rip off her burning clothing and jumped out of the window of her home in Cleveland, Ohio. She broke her elbow and arm in the fall and suffered 1st degree burns to her arms and legs.

The toddler, Kevin Ford III, was uninjured. Both mother and son were taken to the Metro Health Medical Centre for treatment.

According to Chief Executive Officer Angel Morales of the CMHA Police Department the pair had been arguing over Tiffany’s refusal to give Kevin rent money for home they shared.

Ford was later arrested and is expected to be charged with attempted murder.

When Kevin was arrested police say he reeked of lighter fluid. He was around the corner visiting a friend, chopping it up like nothing ever happened. His defense for the crime?? He says he lost his temper…

Ladies, this is a definite reason not to deal with a man who makes you pay rent. He might set you on fire if you come up short...


Anonymous said...

Hello! This is beyond emotional love of the lover. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE! I have heard of jokes about emotional affairs between two lovers, but this is beyond emoyions. My Heart goes out to the Sista' of this dragic,sincerely! Sister Nikki X, I LOVE you with all my heart and soyul Forever. Bro.JT. 2/7/12.

Anonymous said...

Sis. Nikki X beautiful black queen supreme you are the blessing babygirl! It was an honor as a black man to read your powerful words and the stories you presented. When I can say more about this last story I will comment further but right now I'm just fucked up!

Your devoted Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Damn I hope that black ass muthafucker fries for that shit!!! Did the baby die Sis. Nikki? What happened after this story? Is there gonna be any follow up?


Anonymous said...

That black ass motherfucker needs to die & I hope to God she don't go back to the coward nigga!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, I have heard of this as Joking,but to actauly commit such acrime of non wifey passion against the sista' is totally unacceptable. My Heart goes out to that sista' for that being commited against her. Dude has the nerve to be looking, and boasting as a proud Blackman that did that to his Quenn. I Love you so Much Nikki X, and this really has moved me. I have heard of these acts Down south, but those were married crimes of passio. JT

Anonymous said...

the war against women must be stopped! it comes at us from all directions in many disguises, women and children should be safe in their own homes. that little piece of shit is not a man he is a pathetic waste of oxygen!
i believe when you commit heinous crimes you should die and have all of your organs and tissues donated to those more deserving of life.
where are all those "right to life" people when its a womans life at stake???
thats just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

I agree with karen! sister you are right on point! that sum bitch gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Bro JT brother you think thats funny my man please expound partner hows thats a joke to set a sister queen on fire?

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

I have heard joking about "killing yo ass" for commiting adultery against wifey/husband if ever did, but if wifey/husband was caught in the act of adultery, especially as heard, and saw down south as well as other places "crimes of passion" have been commited. There was a movie about the such when a preacher came in his home from work, and caught his wife, and his wife's lover in the act of having sex (all that was shown in the movie was the showdow on the wall of the wife, and extra marrial affair lover on the bedroom's wll having sex), and the husband (preacher SHOT them both. The action of the preacher was justified as a crime of passion. However that person of the two married may be killed,If killing occurs,from such adultery act just may be a crime of passion. Hey , such sayings from the beginning of this writings as funny can be just that when stated as an emotional expression of commitment between two lovers. Hey, Just ask ANY Famous comedian the say question, in the fashion that I've expressed to you.

thereallw said...

that's a muthafucking shame excuse my language but damn they need to fry that son of a bitch nigga!!!