Friday, February 3, 2012


(Picture above is Howard Johnson in 1982. Pictured below is Howard Johnson today in 2012.)

What's Up Brothers & Sisters! It's Friday! So It Time For Our Weekly Series: Friday Flashback To The Past Number 23!

Today's flashback will get'cha moving for sure! Remember the Bro. Howard Johnson? Well if you don't, after hearing this week's selection from Bro. Howard you just may have your memory refreshed!

This jam is from Howard Johnson's 1982 LP titled "Keeping Love New". The song is called "So Fine". I love this song. I still play it to this day. We used to skate at Rollerworld in Walnut Hills & U.S.A. Skate out in Tri-County offa this cut. Boy did we have fun back then! You know brothers & sisters, to just to be able to have fun without getting shot was a gift in itself! Ya' feel me?

These young people today are missing out on so much that they don't even realize what they are missing out on. Fun is suppose to be just that... FUN! We had it back in the day when Bro. Howard Johnson was on the scene getting down! And we hope you will have some fun today chilling, relaxing, listening, and grooving off this cut!

So on this, "The 30th Anniversary" of the recording of this song (Dang! It doesn't seem like it's been 30 years since we first heard this song, does it?)

Sit back (or get up) & Enjoy Howard Johnson singing "So Fine".

So, what's up? Did you dig it? LOL! We hope so! Let us hear from you brothers & sisters. We wanna know if the Bro. Howard Johnson brought back any memories for you?

By The Way:
This week's selection was somewhat of an "unspoken" joint selection. A new but faithful reader of our website happens to love this song just as much as I do. And I'm sure he had just as much fun listening & "reminiscing" to this song as I did.
So at this time, I'd like to send out a warm black power greeting & thanks to Bro. JT.

In Conclusion: Don't forget to email me about any future music suggestions or request you may have and want to see showcased right here on our weekly Friday Flashback To The Past Series.

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See Ya' Next Week Brothers & Sisters When We Get Down To Number 24 In Our Weekly Series: Friday Flashback To The Past!



Anonymous said...

Thanx sOOOOO much Sista' Nikki X, and YES, I did, and still do have much fun listening, and reflecting back on this song. You are one in a million Sista' Nikki X epsecially on the Music flex,What's Next? Bro. JT. Love Ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah i do remember that song sister you brought it this week i played the clip 3 times good job sis did you get my request beautiful lady?

Bro. Trey X