Friday, February 10, 2012


Greetings, Love & Black Power Brothers & Sisters!

Do you know what today is? Yep! It's Friday! So that means it's time for our weekly series here on The Black Fist Blog: Friday Flashback To The Past! This week's edition in our series is Number 24! It is a request that came straight from one of our faithful readers & commenter. Based on this sistah's email, this sistah states she is a "dedicated sister who has a deep love for herself, her family, and the black community as a whole."

This week's song request came straight from the email of our dear sister... Sis. Fayanna. Sis. Fayanna requested to hear The Persuaders number one smash hit "Thin Line Between Love & Hate".

Sis. Fayanna also requested that this particular song goes out to her "man". She has stated to me in part, (and reprinted here by her permission) "that my man is committing domestic violence against me Sis. Nikki X, and I am tired of that shit"! If the nigger keeps on his ass will be on the other side of some love & hate ASAP and he will be recuperating back at his mammy's house!"

Well.... Alrighty.... Then....

At Sis. Fayanna's request, I bring to you ..... The Persuaders.

(The following background history of "The Mighty Persuaders" comes to us straight from our friends over at Wikipedia)

The Persuaders are a New York based R&B vocal group, with some fame in the 1970s, best known for their hit single, "Thin Line Between Love and Hate". This disc sold over one million copies, and received a gold disc awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America on 29 October 1971.


The original members formed in New York in 1969, and were signed by Atlantic Records in 1971, with the original line- up of: Douglas "Smokey" Scott, Willie Holland, Thomas Hill, Sr, James Holland and Charles Stoghill.[2]

The Persuaders sound involved close harmony and a heavily-orchestrated soul and R&B approach, the trademark of the Poindexter brothers, Richard and Bobby, who produced most of the early 1970s hits. The Persuaders also recorded the original versions of songs later covered by other artists, most notably: "Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me" (from their Atlantic / Atco album of the same name), made a major hit by Gladys Knight & the Pips; "Some Guys Have All The Luck", covered by Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart[2] and by Maxi Priest; and "Thin Line Between Love and Hate", covered by The Pretenders,[2], R&B trio H-Town, and by the reggae group, Black Slate. The song's title and theme were also used for a 1996 Martin Lawrence film of the same name.

The Persuaders recorded an album on the Calla label (distributed by CBS Records) with Philadelphia based producers Baker-Harris-Young in 1976, entitled It's All About Love. The catalog number is Calla ZX-34802 and track listing was: "It's All About Love", "It's Love", "Count The Ways", "I Need Love", "The Quickest Way Out", "Who Will It Be Tonight", "Sure Shot (Gamblin' On A Sure Shot)", "Hey Sister I'm Your Brother (She's My Sister)", "Tryin' To Love Two Women" and "The Quickest Way Out" (instrumental).

The group brought out four albums in the 1970s. As former members trickled out and new members trickled in The Persuaders R&B legacy continues into the 21st century with new faces and now consists of Vincent (Vince) Ballard, Sylvester (Jay) Jones, Tmarvin Williams and Keith (Soul) Simmons.[3] The name The Persuaders is a legally registered trademark.

Damn that song was short, sweet, to the point, & for damn sure heavy!

That's what's up for this week brothers & sisters! It is definitely a "thin line between love & hate", and that's for sure!

We want to once again thank Sis. Fayanna for her heartfelt testimonial email and song request.
We here at The Black Fist Blog pray our dear sistah does not end up on the 6 o'clock news in handcuffs, shackles & being ushered into an awaiting police squad car (based on her actions in self-defense). We also pray that her "man" stops his "drunken bullshit & beatings" so he does not end up.... "laying in the hospital bandaged from feet to head in a state of shock, just that much from being dead. [Not knowing] "his woman would do that to him, he didn't think his girl had the nerve. [There he lays] .... I guess action speaks louder than words"! As the Mighty Persuaders just sang in their powerful song. Y'all just heard it!!! .....

In closing we once again ask all of you:

If you have a song you would like to hear on our weekly Friday Flashback To The Past just hit me up at: ~~ I will review all of your emails, and your song could be the next one to be featured!

Until Next Week!!!


Dedicated to Soul Brother Number #1
Don Cornelius September 27, 1936 -February 1, 2012


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sis. General Nikki X for choosing my song and telling my words!

Sis. Fayanna

Anonymous said...

Man o man,...This is heavy...I don't want nor need to NEVER, and I do mean NEVER have to go through what ole' dude had put on him. Bro.JT.

Anonymous said...

That song was way to deep she cold fucked his ass up in the end! These nigger's better recognized and fast that hurting a black woman could end up in yo" doom!

Anonymous said...

Damn Sister you brought it this week for real! That's my song too. Queen General you never answered my question about "safe house"..

Bro. Trey X