Thursday, February 16, 2012


(Cincinnati Police Officer Sandra Johnson. Courtesy of Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.)

Former DARE officer indicted for tampering with official records


A former DARE officer was indicted Thursday on charges of tampering with official paperwork.

Sandra Johnson, 38, worked as a DARE officer at Winton Hills Academy.

Johnson was indicted for tampering with records and securing writings by deception.

According to the indictment, in March 2011, Johnson gave herself extra hours on her time sheet for DARE classes she did not teach.

Johnson has been suspended without pay and her police powers have been taken away.

(Story courtesy of Fox 19)


Wow! It's that last sentence that jumped out at me when reading this story... "Johnson has been suspended without pay and her police powers have been taken away."

I suppose based on past patterns & practices of the Cincinnati Police Department under the leadership of now retired former Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas L. Streicher Jr., that had Officer Sandra Johnson killed a black man unjustifiably (as so many past white male Cincinnati police officers have done) then she would have been allowed to go home without her criminal mugshot displayed for all to see. Oh yes, Officer Johnson would have also been allowed to proceed on with her job intact, a promotion with increased police powers, and a substantial increase in her pay.

However, seeing as though Officer Johnson (the black woman) allegedly "tampered with records and secured writings by deception". This particular Cincinnati Police officer has been stripped of her police powers and suspended without pay.

Makes sense doesn't it??? Only in good ol' Sinsinnati!



Anonymous said...

What a racist site, good job on perpetuating, be part of the solution, not the problem..

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up punk sign yo' name! If you dont like whats happening on this site then go watch fox! This site ain't racist but yo" police dept is!!!

Kirby? No thanks! said...

If you are living on a plantation, then many of your overseers are black police officers, correct?

Yet here you are defending one.

What happens with white police officers who engage in some kind of misfeasance? Can you find any examples?

Kirby? No thanks! said...

White Fist, White Power, White Nation

If I had a website with those qualifiers, would you consider it racist?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kiry no thanks you have the right name NO THANKS! you are a fool a dummy and a racist! where did you ever read Nikki supported this woman in her actions? you didnt! all she was pointing out was the disparities between white and black officers getting punished and how the white officers kill black men and get promoted with extra pay and a black officer fucks with paperwork and she is suspended without pay. and if you wanna start a white racist blog go ahead matter of fact why don't you go get on some of the ones that are aready out there like the seanhammity blog the fox news blog and all of the GOP blogs. If you wanna fight over here you can get one you racist white idiot!
Signed I'll fuck Kirby No Thanks up!