Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Way Too Funny!!! A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words.

Pictured above is Super Silly Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Boring The Hell Outta Some Poor Unsuspecting Black Children In A Black Church Down South. You Can See By The Looks On Their Faces That Super Silly Santorum Is Really Lighting The House On Fire With One Of His Great Interesting Speeches. (Check out the sister that has to fan the lil brother just to keep him awake through that mess)

Those poor little black children that had to suffer through another super boring ridiculous Rick Santorum speech. As you may know Rick Santorum is a candidate in the republican presidential race for president in November. This boring clownball really thinks he is the next coming of the moral majority Messiah, and he is even more delusional if he thinks he can ever remotely beat President Barack Obama to become the next President of The United States.

Below is a video of super silly Santorum giving another one of his rambling incoherent speeches. Brothers and sisters, this blog post has been on "draft" since February 5th so if I was to tell you what super silly Santorum is talking about in the video I'd be lying cause I can't even recall it.

All I can say is he's talking about "some shit", hell I don't know. Just watch the video.

The Black Fist Blog Present: Super Silly Santorum In ...
Oh who gives a damn! He will never be President anyway!

Oh yeah now I remember, this is a video where Super Silly Santorum and his equally as Super Silly racist counterpart, Super Silly Sean Hannity shows their collective racist asses to Bro. Al Sharpton on national television via super silly racist Fox News Channel.

Yeah! Watch this ...

Damn shame! But thank goodness we can see and hear for ourselves the blatant racist faces and verbal racial hatred that spews from the mouths of these so-called big shot ultra conservative white men.

This republican presidential primary race is better than comedy central. These white men don't care what the hell comes out of their mouths as long as they can get rid of the knee-grow in the White House.

We will have more of this super silly clownball Rick Santorum, as well as all the other clueless clownballs that are vying for the republican presidential nomination. We have only one word for the mentality and racial hatred these goofballs spew on the regular ...



Anonymous said...

Super funny is all I have to say about this . Bro JT

Anonymous said...

I was there and it was actually a pretty good speech.