Friday, May 10, 2013


A Few Opening Remarks From The CEO of The Black Fist Blog:

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

A few days ago our dear brother, tireless fighter for freedom, justice, & truth, and internationally known activist Nate Livingston Jr. has been blogging a series of articles revealing the heinous crimes and misdemeanors committed by local NAATP (National Association For The Advancement of The Tea Party) President Christopher Smitherman (forever known on Nate Livingston's blog as "The Sillyman" and forever known here on The Black Fist Blog as "The Snake in a Suit").

With express permission from Mr. Livingston to the Editorial Board of The Black Fist Blog (and we thank you!) we will begin re-prints of these various articles detailing what is truly going on in the black community, and what you our faithful readers will NEVER hear or read in the white man's lamestream mainstream press, television, or radio.

We will begin with this chilling account of just how "The Snake in a Suit/The Sillyman" is an international crybaby and an arrogant lil shyster now that most in the black community have regain their senses and put down the brainwashed latent kool-aid he has been serving since the mid-2000's.

Once again, we here at The Black Fist Blog thank our Bro. Nate Livingston Jr. for allowing our readers the opportunity and truthful access to this, the black community's chief slickster, trickster, and dickster (of the blacks who are still dumb enough to follow him and drink the kool-aid).

Let's begin shall we ...

Smitherman Revenge Plot: Retaliate Against NAACP...No More $$$ For Black Community!!!

The Cincinnati Black Blog was first to report on the cease & desist letter from the NAACP's National Office to Cincinnati NAACP president Christopher Smitherman (forever known on this blog as The Sillyman). [See, "Busted! NAACP To Sillyman: Stop Endorsing Or Lose Candidacy".] The lazy local white media is finally getting around to covering this news. Here's a link to WLWT/News 5's coverage.


Our sources and snitches deep inside The Sillyman's camp tell us their hero is outraged!!! Who the Hell does the National Office think they're dealing with!?! In his mind, he's a leader of the city's opposition party. (He's really just a front man.) He's running a shadow government. He has as much POWER as, or maybe even more than, Mayor Mark Mallory and City Manager Milton Dohoney combined. You see, he has the silent majority behind him. He speaks for the (white) people. It's all fantasy, but when has The Sillyman ever faced reality.


To solidify his position as mouthpiece for the opposition, yesterday The Sillyman released a list of proposed cuts then today he went on a media campaign designed to reassure the white community he is loyal to them...he isn't tricking them this time...he really is on their side. But more than that he is firmly against the city's DNegros (the "D" is silent). To prove it, he called on the city to balance the budget on the backs of Blacks. The Cincinnati Black Blog has obtained The Sillyman's proposed cuts. He want to immediately end all city funding of the following groups or agencies:

The Center for Closing the Health Gap

•African American Chamber of Commerce


•Black Family Reunion

The Sillyman wants to punish the NAACP and all Black people living or working in the city (who haven't adequately and blindly followed him). He says he wants to cut EVERYONE. But notice that nowhere in his lists or in his media interviews does he ever suggest ending the $225,000.00 no-bid contract that benefits his campaign contributor Jim Clingman. Oh, yeah, he ignored that conflict of interest and voted to give Clingman the contract.

(Courtesy of The Cincinnati Black Blog)


Anonymous said...

We are on to him and we will make sure he is relieved of his duties as president of the NAACP and kick his ass off council!

Vanessa said...

This is cool!