Friday, May 24, 2013


Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Here's another story about how the social media website Facebook was used as a vehicle for a black man to murder his woman.  How many of these stories do I have to write before this madness ends?  I thought Facebook was created as a tool to communicate and disseminate information over the internet to friends, family, and associates.  It is a Babylonion mystery why it is being used to stalk, harass, terrorize, brutalize, and aid in the viciousness of domestic violence, mayhem, and murder

Below is a story that examplifies just how the social media tool Facebook is being used in the commission for psychotic negroes to hunt down and kill their women.  This story could have been placed in the category of our ongoing series on "Stalking", but I have decided to let it stand alone.

This is sad and crazy brothers and sisters but in the world we are living today, this is also way too real!

Check it out and add your thoughts in our comment section.

                                   Pictured: Shooter Gregory Tywan

Man Posts Pictures of New Gun on Facebook, then Allegedly Murders His Girlfriend with It

A man in Pennsylvania is being charged with killing his girlfriend with a gun that he bought at Walmart. Right before the murder, he took a picture of the gun and posted it on Facebook.

Gregory Twyman was arrested after he called 911, asking for police: “I need the police, I just shot my girlfriend.”

When police arrived, Gregory was on his porch smoking a cigarette. That’s when police went inside and found the body of Jamica Woods, the mother of his 18-year old daughter. She’d been shot in the torso, according to police.

When he proudly posted the pictures of the alleged murder weapon on Facebook, friends asked him what it was:

“What is that bro???” a friend asked.

“A shell fool,” he responded.

“I’m calling the ATF on your a*s now… LOL….” his friend said, joking.

“Gon be too late,” Twyman said.

Sounds like he might have been thinking this one through for a long time

      (Story Courtesy of Your Black World News)

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