Friday, May 31, 2013


                                                R&B and Neo Soul Artist Lauryn Hill

Check out Lauryn Hill's new cut, "Neurotic Society"

White AmeriKKKa and dumb-down brainwashed blacks are attempting to tear down and maliciously attack our dear Soul Sistah Lauryn Hill for her new single called "Neurotic Society".  This song is suppose to be (according to whatever media element you choose to listen to) a song filled with "homophobic slurs".  Why in the world does the homosexual and lesbian community think everybody under the sun is suppose to knuckle down and accept their way of life?  There are still people in this world who do NOT!  Even while it is getting pushed down our throats everywhere we turn, through television, music, movies, literary works, & etc.

Lauryn Hill is an artist.  A creative intelligent free-thinking strong black woman of conscious.  She has just as much right to express her views and opinions as anyone else.  Oh the gay community can but Lauryn can't?  Bullshit!  Yes she can!  

Lauryn Hill is talking more about the corruption, greed, and egotistical superficial nature of AmeriKKKan society more than anything else.  It's a heavy piece of music!

Lauryn is dropping a lot of powerful knowledge in this song and spitting it quicker than Twista.  This song is not all about the gays however the so-called gay watch groups have targeted Ms. Hill as if she is a one woman destroyer of their "lifestyle".  Get a life!  If two men wanna bend each other over, do that.  If two women wanna lick it without sticking it, do that.  If these gays wanna keep shoving that mess down the public's throat we can't stop that but we do NOT have to accept it.

Lauryn do your thing girl and when you get over that hump you are facing called the "prison industrial complex", come out and keep making beautiful prolific pure artistic black conscious music!

We of black consciousness and righteous fearlessness will be right here waiting for you!



Anonymous said...

That was the realest ma she puts it down

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Wow truth is the new hate speech she dont really say nothing about the gays they too sensitive and aint nothing even tryna hear about what they do in they bedrooms

Sis. Lisa