Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Here is the full commencement speech given by President Barack Obama to the graduates of the HBCU Morehouse.  The graduates of Morehouse College are black males so it was no surprise to anyone (who has been paying attention) that the President preached, chastized, lectured, talked down to, and barked at these young black men of the future as if they were just some negroes hanging on the corner with their pants down below their butts smoking weed doing nothing all day but chilling.

In my previous blog "What Has Obama and his Administration Done For Blacks?", I included an article by Your Black World News which hit the nail on the head detailing President Obama's paternalistic view of black men that he seems to think need a good lecturing every time he takes the podium to address them (which is every blue moon anyway).

If only the President had the heart and balls to talk to the Republican white man up in Congress, The Tea Party, those racist devils over at the Fox News Network, The so-called Jews, The gays & lesbians, and The hispanic community in this manner.  Then maybe just maybe he would be more respected by the struggling masses of blacks on the ground and not think of himself as the "father knows best for the shiftless lazy whining negro race" orator when addressing black people [men] who can see, hear, feel, and realize the distinctions in his [hypocritical] speaking style and tone when addressing them.

He did that same shit when he addressed the NAACP Convention hosted here in the boycott zone of Cincinnati a few years ago.  Some blacks were not happy with his "negroes pull yourself up by your bootstraps" lecture then, even more blacks aren't happy with his "negroes get over your crybaby blather about racism" lecture today.

Check out the full 32 minute speech below and you judge for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

The dude is tripping I always knew you wasnt gonna do anything for the black race it didnt take me 4 years to figure that out that video he is wilding out on the negro. Queen Nikki can I ask you something?

Bro. Trey X