Tuesday, May 14, 2013


(Picture Above: Hollywood Police Chief James Craig and Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.  Pictured Below is "Hollywood Craig" is all his Hollywood glory.)

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig is leaving the Cincinnati Police Department after a year & a half on the job.  Chief Craig (known on this site as "Hollywood Craig") is heading to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan where he has stated he has aging parents and family.

What are your thoughts (if any) about the job "Hollywood Craig" has done since he graced us with his presence on the Cincinnati Police Department fresh from the corrupt and murderous Los Angeles Police Department (and you wonder why the brother Christopher Dorner went after those racist lying pigs). 

Hollywood Craig brought that same type of LA style policing to Cincinnati. One need only take a look at the La Salle High School white boys counterfeiting money/drug deal gone bad where Justin Brown, 17 was killed and a black man's freedom hangs in the balance, the murder cover-up of the sister Erica Collins, 26 killed by Cincinnati Police Officer Matthew Latsy in Mt. Airy, and the murder of Dontez O'Neal, 19 in Avondale by long out-of-control rogue Cincinnati Police Officer Orlando Smith.

It is the opinion of the black community and the opinion of the investigative team here at The Black Fist Organization that Hollywood Craig assisted in helping his police colleagues in covering-up these heinous vicious murders.  Remember Hollywood Craig always jumped in front of the television media cameras and white radio proclaiming "It was a justified".  Yet this man Hollywood Chief Craig would always jump on black radio WDBZ 1230 am "The Buzz" of Cincinnati and state, "I [Craig] just don't have enough information to speak to the investigation at hand".

"Hollywood Craig" is gone in June. He's taking his LA style of policing to Detroit, and we here in The Black Fist Organization say ...


(WCPO Ch. 9 has a video and story detailing the departure of the outgoing Chief along with further details of what's next in the search for Cincinnati's next Chief of Police. Click on the title link above for the full story.)

Below is a welcoming video from a citizen of Detroit. Hollywood James Craig ... "Welcome Back"!

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