Tuesday, May 28, 2013


A Message From Our General, Sis. Nikki X:

Black Power Brothers & Sisters,

You guessed it!  The Black Power Convention is right around the corner!  This year we have decided to move it from the winter to the summer.  More details will be coming forth in the upcoming days.  Emails will go out to all members, brothers & sisters of conscious, along with friends and supporters of the movement.

We will once again have hotel accommodations, speakers, food, music, and fellowship between brothers & sisters of like mind with the only interest in progressing the agenda of the black man, black woman, and black child!

We are once again going to get out of this dead city called Sinsinnati and breathe the fresh clean air of ... let's say ... a sunny warm exotic paradise!  Yes brothers & sisters!  This convention will be bigger than anything in the previous years!  Fun and sun while strategizing moves towards the freedom and liberation of the black nation!

I will keep everyone posted and all email inquiries will be return from you beautiful brothers and sisters who are serious about our cause and are willing to travel and get involved.

To email me for further details go to my profile right here on this site and hit me up.

It's on Fam so get ready!!!
The Revolution Is Live!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Queen! That picture has got to be you hmm hmm. I'm already there sister can't wait!

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

I agree with my brother Trey X that picture has got to be you
I'm wit it queen where is the convention gonna be so I can put in time on my job it'll make this honky mad but fuck 'em

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X? I have a question for you ..

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Peace and blessing sis. nikki we had a great time last time and i look forward to coming this year i hope sexy trey x comes he's cute lol! but business first

Sis. Arena

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this one and its in the summer too! Will the black panthers be there?

Sis. Fatima

Anonymous said...

I likes dat picture general its you mama !!!

Bro. Keyno

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you General Nikki X I will be sending you a email for details cause I wanna be there it was a great event last year and all of us fellowshipped together as one. I look forward to seeing you again sister it's been a long time.

peace and many blessings your Sister in the struggle,

Jacque Muhammad

Anonymous said...

Daaaammmmnnnn! I hope you wear those threads in that picture to the convention queen

Bro. X

Anonymous said...

General Nikki I would like to offer my services to you and the other members organizing this convention just tell me what you need me to do and I'm there. Let's make this thing happen ma. Everytime I look at that picture I think about you thtat is YOU

Bro. Trey X