Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Greetings Beautiful Brothers & Sisters,

I have been receiving a lot of email inquries regarding our upcoming "Black Power Convention" this summer.  I wanted to answer the questions most asked here in the blog post for everyone to see.

The brothers and sisters want to know 2 things especially:

  1. "Where will the convention be?"

    2. (Based on my eluding to "fun & sun in an exotic location"), "Will a passport be needed?"

I will offer that a location has not been established as of the writing of this entry.  I will also offer that it is best to get a passport just in case it is out of the country.


If any brother or sister out there who is thinking about joining us this year and they do not already have a passport I would suggest you apply for one as soon as possible.  Passports are not issued on the spot, there is a waiting period.

Also, if any brother or sister out there has a felony or is registered as sex offender or is currently on probation or have ALL 3 criminal issues, you will NOT be permitted a passport therefore rendering you ineligible to join us abroad, if that happens to be our location.

Any brothers or sisters on probation for a crime committed or a failure to register as a sex offender crime will most likely NOT be granted permission to leave the state or country (and yes, you MUST get permission from your Probation Officer before just up & jetting off somewhere). 

The United States Department of Passports will NOT issue you passport if you are a convicted felon or a registered sex offender.

Alright brothers and sisters!  I hope I answered 2 of your most frequently asked questions.  If there are more questions please feel free to hit me up at my email address that can be found on the profile page of this website.

We are gonna have so much fun at the convention this year!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the question where everyone can see them. Sadly there are alot of brothers & sister who have criminal records but havve turned there life around and now want to be involved in the movement. Its good that you answered those passport question

Sis. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see that picture I think about you ma. Sexy beautiful strong

Bro. Trey X