Wednesday, May 15, 2013


                                 Another Hollywood Actor Named James Craig

Outgoing Cincinnati Police Department Chief James E. Craig is a fake and a fraud. He's a bum who brought LAPD-style corruption to CPD. He got away with it because he learned Hollywood-style acting and public relations while out in LA, and the Cincinnati media is lazy and incompetent. (We're talking about the white and black media; mainstream and alternative media; traditional and new media.)

Here are our Top 10 facts about Craig that you may have forgotten or never known.

1. Craig "showed out" for the white man. He got into a nasty fight with our sister Cassandra Robinson of the Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion. Craig forced Ms. Robinson to cut the event back to one day, then told thousands of DNegroes to GET OUTTA TOWN BEFORE SUNDOWN. Why? Because white people wanted to watch a movie on Fountain Square and attend a sporting event and they didn't want to be bothered with your Black asses. Craig was happy to use his power as police chief to do whatever he could to make the white man, woman and child happy.

2. Craig bought new costumes for the cops. (This has nothing to do with reducing crime, but don't they look real nice?) In the last year, Craig's policies have led to an INCREASE in gun shootings. (Lord, please help the good people of Detroit!)

3. Craig went to Church, met with Black preachers, and passed out money to some Black people. Big damn deal.

4. Craig bought lots and lots of LaRosa's buddy passes and Girl Scout cookies. That may make Craig a swell guy, but it has absolutely no bearing on his failure to reduce crime. Can one of you Craig cheerleaders point to one of his initiatives that worked? Do you have any evidence...any proof...anything beside rhetoric and emotions? The Cincinnati Black Blog believes making kids smile is a great thing, but that's not how we evaluate a police chief.

5. When Orlando Smith -- a crazy fool working for the CPD -- shot and killed our good brother Dontez O'Neal in Avondale, numerous witnesses said Dontez was surrendering. Using that Hollywood training, Craig crafted a different story. He made believe Dontez shot at Orlando and Orlando was returning fire. The entire incident was captured on audio and videotape. But Craig and his boys in the CPD made the portion of the video that would've proved the truth magically disappear. Craig said it was some sort of temporary malfunction in the recording system. But the only missing portion is the part where Dontez said something like "PLEASE DON'T SHOOT I'M SURRENDERING," right before Orlando executed him.

6. When La Salle High School student Justin Brown conspired with 3 adult white males (David Corso, Derek McKinley, and Tony Wuestefeld) to rob our good young brother Dierres Lee (and possibly shoot and kill him) and Dierres was forced to STAND HIS GROUND and shoot Justin in the face (you can't shoot someone in the face if they are in a car with the windows rolled up and they are driving away), Craig, using one of those LAPD-style corruption tricks, let Justin's uncle, CPD Distrtict 3 commander, Cpt. Russell Neville, participate in the investigation. Justin's former coach and family friend, CPD Assistant Chief Paul Humphries, also participated. What happened to the counterfeit money? What happened to the equipment used to manufacture the counterfeit money? Craig says no counterfeit money was recovered. (The cops made it all go away.) Craig has said no laws were broken by Justin or his boys.

7. After Dontez was murdered, Craig made sure Dontez's boys got charged with murder even though we all know they didn't shoot Dontez, Orlando did. After Justin was shot, Craig worked with Justin's uncle and Justin's former coach to make sure no criminal charges were brought against Anthony Wuestefeld, Derek McKinley or David Corso. Craig said LaSalle and the white men had suffered enough.

8. Who can forget when the cops shot and killed Erica Collins in Mt. Airy for allegedly holding a knife. Before any investigation was done, Craig held a Hollywood-style press conference and told the investigators who work for him that the officer was entirely justified.

9. Craig gave Scotty Johnson's little sister, Julian Johnson, a promotion. Then he did nothing as CPD Sgt. Julie Johnson lied and got busted in lies. The good news is, Jules (as she's known on the radio) stopped stinking up the airwaves on WDBZ (The Buzz).

10. Craig never once corrected FOP president Kathy Herrell when she lied to the community and said the city wouldn't fire or layoff any cops. (Charlie Winburn and Christopher Smitherman aka The Sillyman also told this lie.)

Bottom Line. Many DNegros are running around saying Craig did a wonderful job. Others are excusing Iris Roley (Cincinnati's version of the infamous Nurse Rivers from the Tuskegee syphilis study) for, once again, bringing poison into the Black community. When you ask these people for facts, they become like a cheerleaders for the Cincinnati Bengals who can't provide any facts to support their opinion that the team is doing a great job. It's all about emotions.

The Cincinnati Black Blog is glad James Craig is leaving Cincinnati. We just hope the city gets a good forwarding address to provide to the U.S. Justice Department so they can bring Craig back to town to answer for his crimes.


(The article above was reprinted with the express permission and courtesy of our dear brother Nate Livingston, Jr. CEO of The Cincinnati Black BlogThe Black Fist Blog thanks Bro. Livingston for once again sharing with our faithful readers his extensive research, his diligent exploration of facts, & his passion for the truth regardless of who likes it or not.)

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