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In the third part of our series on "Stalking", it is best to actually know when you are being stalked.  An ex-lover who won't leave you alone and constantly harasses you is stalking you.

Knowing the signs of when you are being stalked is actually the first step in protecting yourself.  Here are some of the basic actions of an unbalanced unwanted obsessed stalker:

You are being stalked when a person repeatedly watches, follows or harasses you, making you feel afraid or unsafe. A stalker can be someone you know, a past boyfriend or girlfriend or a stranger. While the actual legal definition varies from one state to another, here are some examples of what stalkers may do:

•Show up at your home or place of work unannounced or uninvited.

•Send you unwanted text messages, letters, emails and voicemails.

•Leave unwanted items, gifts or flowers.

•Constantly call you and hang up.

•Use social networking sites and technology to track you.

•Spread rumors about you via the internet or word of mouth.

•Make unwanted phone calls to you.

•Call your employer or professor.

•Wait at places you hang out.

•Damage your home, car or other property.

  ..... And knowing is half the battle!  Protect yourself sisters.  Our series on "Stalking" will continue .....



This Just In:  This email was just sent in from a sister who is being stalked by her ex.  It is a perfect example of the misguided delusions this stalker is suffering from.  This sister broke up with her stalker almost 14 months ago, and has not spoken to him in almost 4 months.  Yet the stalker talks in this email as if they are still together and still communicating.  WTF?!?
If you will notice this sister's stalker claims no one knows his side of the story only the woman's side (isn't that what ALL obsessed stalkers say?), well here is the stalker's fantasy side.  

Please Read Below:

"I um

Just read the Blog of yours, and you need to stop that shit! stealing from a person also stalkers do too.

Stop the denial of True love.

The Love we Had/have is something that we built a solid foundation upon, and is up to the both of us LOVE to make our living better. And um, If I can realize that WE belong together, then by now I know you realize this also.

Yeah, going through the emotions, and what each other will, and will not accept was tough for us, but we made it through.

When you place those stories on the blog, BUT Know one ever gets to read FROM ME directly, people know, and realize how controling you MUST be within OUR relationship, AND Know that the other's View point, and Blackman's Conscienceness, including Rightousness w/Firm ,solid Foundation with social construction of reality MUST be right, and NOT going to permit any woman to Overrun him in the aspects of the relation."


Anonymous said...

Damn that email shit sounded retarded fo' sho'! That motherfucker musta felt that blog cause coming from a REAL black man of conscious like myself I can say that when a brother writes something like that to a sister he knows that the blog was true! Brothers need to just let it go if a queen don't want 'em no mo'! You fucked up black man live wit it get over it son!

Just some REAL advice from a REAL black man who knows how to respect the sisters ya' know

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

That was just plain crazy! Who would wanna deal with that and it didnt even make no sense what the stalker wrote. What tripped me out was the sister being stalked said she broke up with dude 14 mos ago & ain't talked to him in 4 mos????
Yeah he's crazy and she should stay a looooong way away from him.

I love your blog Sis. X you keep it real

Your sister on the frontline,


Anonymous said...

what the fuck?!?!? is right! Who's smarter than a 5th grader? All of us reading that email are cause who ever wrote that can't write or put damn sentence together to make any sense what grade did dude go up to the 3rd?

Anonymous said...

OMG, run, run, run as fast as you can!!!! This wanna be Black
Conscience Man is either delusional or CRAZY in love (Beyonce') with
himself. Let it go and turn it loose bruh.



Anonymous said...

Sistas and brothas don't take this lightly. There are so many women
who are going through this; however, cannot get the authorities to
help. Until it's too late!!!



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

That was crazy! Some men need to know when to leave a woman alone the woman has not spoke to her ex in 4 months so why is he still hounding her? That makes no sense I hope that woman stays as far away from that nut as possible!

Anonymous said...

Damn if I had to read a illiterate email like that I would leave his ass too! he sounds like something something is wrong with him mentally. Women get these men who has mental problem like my ex dude I didn't know the nigger had problem he acted all sweet in the beginning but then started acting all possesive and jealous I had to cut him loose but he wouldn't stop stalking me so I had his black ass locked up and I dont regret it! When he gets out he can see his son by court order in a supervised spot but other than that I'm done plus he got a drinking problem he keeps denying. Thanks for posting these subject sister cause most times this is the only spot where a black woman can feel safe to talk and know other sisters and brothers understand cause whitey dont im just glad he didnt beat my ass again and kill me before the man locked his bitch ass up!

A sister who is blessed to be rid of a unemployed alcoholic mentally ill LOSER!

Anonymous said...

Man homey needs to shut that shit down these black women today will shoot a nigga quicker than ya' know so homey need to keep it moving find another shorty and stay alive! I know whatz up cuz my ol' girl danmn near took my head off 1 night fo trippin' Im man enough today to say i deserved everything she put on my ass cuz i was tripping on her cuz my shit was raggety she was a good girl to me but i didnt see it fo what it was now she laying up wit another nigga but hey i did it to mydamnself so take my wordz fo what it is my man and leave it alone you fucked up so be a man n cut yo loss fo she end up cuttin' yo ass! ONE Bro. C-Note

Anonymous said...

I agree wit my man Bro. C-NOte these broads (no disrespects sisters) ain't taking no shit! Dude better listen to the old school its a thin line between love n hate cuz they take o chunk out that ass! Shawn B.

General Nikki X said...

Peace & Blessings Everyone,

Thank you all so much for your comments and opinions regarding our very sensitive subject matter. There is one comment I had to remove as administrator due to its content.

When I blog about stalking, domestic violence, and subject dealing with abuse our website becomes a "safe-zone" for the abused, for the victims whether female or male. So in saying that I want to let everyone know that the actual writer of the email posted in our blog (the stalker himself) has attempted to add his distorted point of view to the conversation. We have heard ALL he had to say in his rambling nonsensical writings. What I find interesting is the stalker said in his email that "nobody ever hears his side of the story", well thanks to that sister's courage "his side of the story" was posted and everyone on the planet can see that he has a more than just a few screws loose.

In any event,

When a sister allows her harassment to be re-printed as an example of the personal torment she has experienced, I'll be dammned if I allow the man who is doing the harassing and stalking to post more of his bullshit, lies, distortions, and fantasies here on this site.


Now that everyone has read "his side of the story" they have all basically concurred that the sister was right for dumping him and he should just move the fuck on.

Keep commenting brothers and sisters! We always love it when we have new commenters such as "Reddgirl", "Bro. Keyno", & "Bro. C-Note" add their thoughts to our discussion!

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to read that "real men" have responded to the delusional
antics of the STALKER. That is what's needed. Support, back-up, and
calling a spade a spade. Those types of men need to be exposed and
then disposed of.


Anonymous said...

Niggahs be flipping out over the p***y !!!

Bro. Keyno

Anonymous said...

I threw my dude out cause he was acting like he didnt wanna pay no bills then after he hit the streets he wanna start coming back to my apartment building hanging around waiting on me to come home from work and out with my friends I told him to stop but he refused so I called the police they arrested him and we went to court he got 90 days for stalking me. He's crazy and ain't nobody on that bullshit. Thank you for providing these articles I cant wait for the next one.

Sis. Trina

Anonymous said...

Wow OMG! The guy sounds like a imbecile its a good thing that sister dumped him and I hope she's happy and safe. He needs to get a life and what kinda foundation can he be building if she don't want him anymore. I mean didn't he get the message after being broke up for 14 mos? If she hasnt talked to him in 4 mos I would say that the time between the 14 mos and the 4 mos maybe she was just be nice to him not all break ups end in anger. I think she was just being nice and talking to him but he probably wanted more and she cut him off completely now he's gone crazy. Get over it man the girl is gone find someone else

Sis. Lisa