Tuesday, May 28, 2013


From The Facebook Page of Nathaniel Livingston Jr.:

Last week, I didn't get around to discussing the latest stunt pulled by Chris Smitherman on this page or on the Cincinnati Black Blog. Here's the short version of events. Chris sent out a press release saying the NAACP was going on "summer recess" until August. He unilaterally cancelled all meetings to avoid having to face the membership and a NO CONFIDENCE vote. He couldn't defend his record (inc...luding his proposal to balance the budget on the backs of Blacks by cutting ALL city funding to damn near every Black organization in town -- the African American Chamber, the Center for Closing the Health Gap, Juneteenth, the Black Family Reunion, etc.) so he tried to stop the meetings. Here's the rest of the story though. The NAACP's National Office contacted Chris and told him he can't do that. They ordered him to hold the meeting and to keep holding monthly meetings. To the best of my knowledge, Chris has refused. He's stalling for time. (There have also been several complaints filed with National Office asking them to remove Chris from his position for various reasons.)

I'm doing my best to share information on this Facebook page. I think that's what social media should be all about. As I get more information, I'll keep sharing it. —

 -- We thank our dear Bro. Nate Livingston for keeping our faithful readers in the know about this slick pimp name Councilman Christopher Smitherman.  A black man elected to Cincinnati City Council to serve the people (which by the way includes BLACK PEOPLE).  Black Cincinnati, did you know that Councilman Snake Smitherman is up for re-election this November?  Well now you know.  Let's make this sellout a two time one-term councilman. --


Anonymous said...

I'll be damn if i vote for that sell out its a wrap that clown!

Anonymous said...

Hey this dude is done Ima tell all my people not to vote for him

Bro. Trey X