Friday, August 22, 2008


This 1975 episode of Good Times called "The Rent Party", was the final episode starring John Amos as the father James Evans Sr. (I still can't believe James is dead!) ;-(

From Good Times Season 3, The Evans family throw a rent party for the projects favorite senior citizen, Wanda. Too proud to tell anyone she's about to be evicted due to back rent, Florida's best friend and neighbor Willona Woods the "galloping gossip of the projects" (according to James) overhears about Wanda's money troubles and tells Florida and James the bad news.

During the talent show at the rent party, Nathan "Buffalo Butt" Bookman, the laziest building janitor on the planet blackmails James into letting him in on the talent show -OR ELSE- he will "shut the party down". For the finale of the show, Florida, Willona and Thelma are "The World Renown Supremes" singing "Stop in the name of Love". Waaaay too funny!!! Be sure to check out Wanda and James at the ending of this video!!! You won't stop laughing!!!


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